Christmas gift ideas

Christmas shopping is becoming more and more difficult as I try to think of things that might fit into my budget – which is shrinking as I write – and for people who really don’t need anything. Not to mention the expense of mailing packages. What I did last year and am increasing this year […]

I am afraid I grumble more than I am thankful. But recently I attended my former church. It is the church of my maternal great-grandparents. The church where my  grandparents got married. The church that sent them to China as medical missionaries. The church that nurtured my mother when her family would return on furlough from China. […]

What Makes You Angry?

I heard a good sermon Sunday on anger. The pastor is doing a series on the Sermon on the Mount and this Sunday he was using Matthew 6:21-22. Those are sobering verses. He told us that anger is an assault on the image of God in another person; it abides in our hearts and nurses […]