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Singles and God

I was invited to speak at Inspire’s first ever single’s conference in Houston Friday night. I have seen my friend Anita Carmen’s vision grow from an idea to a reality in the last 11 years. I was one of their first speakers along with Beth Moore 11 years ago! I am so proud of what Anita is doing for God.

I got to meet Jonathan McReynolds, recording artist, who debuted at #3 on Billboard and Essence Magazine Top Gospel Artists to Watch in 2014! Such a sweet, humble guy. Loved him. <a


And I met Michelle Bumgarner the “Mazda on the Road to Indy” race car driver. What a focused young woman who loves God!

I didn’t actually meet Kylie Bisutti, Winner of Victoria Secret’s Runway Angel competition and Author of “I’m No Angel: From Victoria Secret Model to Role Model” but we shared the podium. Such a sweet lady – sold out to Christ. In obedience to God she gave up her career. (I have reached and age and shape where I do not want to be in a room with a Victoria Secret model!!)

I was definitely the old lady in the bunch but I was able to give them what God has taught me. Experience counts!

I promised those there that I’d post what kind of husband the Lord is. I know I’ve posted it before…but it is worth repeating!

Psalm 104:34 “ My mediation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the Lord.”

In the Bible I read about what kind of spouse He is:
Very handsome
He thinks all I do and say is fascinating
He tells me I am beautiful/handsome – perfect really
Loves me totally
Forgives me freely
Enjoys my company
Delights in my presence
Provides for my every need – even before I know I need it
Understands me perfectly
Listens to my every whisper
Never tires of me
Gives me beautiful clothes and jewelry
Is building me a mansion
He’s never grumpy
Exceedingly patient
His kindness is loving
He keeps everything in order
He’s never late but always on time
Never distracted when I am talking – pays close and full attention
Greets me at the door when I come home
Invites me into his arms
Holds my hand
Protects me
Carries my burdens
Smells good
Enjoys my music
Comforts me when I am sad
Soothes me when I am weary
Never lets me down
Never abandons me
Never rejects me
Never betrays me
Never belittles me
Wants me to be all I can be
He’s perfect in every way
He’s the best, safest, securest. And He always makes sure I get the best when I leave the choice to Him.

“For who in heaven can be compared unto the Lord? Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the Lord?” Ps 89:6