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Visit Home

This past weekend I went to N.C. to hold my ministry board meeting and see my father, son and sister! It was a full weekend. I drove home to my granddaughter’s 8th birthday dinner last evening.

My board meeting was very encouraging and supportive as they seek to help me do what God has called me to do. They are godly, wise, gifted and great fun! We are all friends. There is no jockeying for position or politics for which I am so very grateful!

My father did seem to recognize me but sleeps most of the time. Conversation was not possible. I miss that. His health is good and he is not in pain. We are so grateful for his dear caregivers who love him and are tender with him. He is in the best of care in his own home. That is a blessing for him – and us!

I am always happy to see my son, Graham. He looks good and is busy with his real estate/development business as well as selling cars on the side. He’s a natural salesman, he doesn’t get that from me!

And I was glad to catch up with my oldest sister, Gigi. She was recently in a bad car accident – only bad bruises even though her car was totaled. She is lots of fun though she suffers from a bad back; she is awaiting an appointment at Mayo Clinic. Please pray for her.

As I drove home, I listened to the podcasts from Christ Community Church in Montreat. Both the sermon by Richard White and the Sunday school lesson by John Akers. Rich on both counts. I was happy to have the time to listen well, think an pray. I recommend heartily, Richard White’s series The Ten Commandments, Promises in Disguise.

Each morning I was there I got up early to walk. This is the view that met me:IMG_1127

I am so grateful I was surrounded by such beauty – God’ glory was on display! I love the NC mountains but I prefer the gentler mountains of the Shenandoah Valley.

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Prayer Circle in Washington, D.C. (some photos too!)

On Monday night I had the joy of meeting up with my friend Sarah who lives in Washington…she is so interesting as she knows the city well and little details you don’t get from a tour guide. On Monday evenings she a group of her friends walk around the impressive government buildings, praying. She asked if I would join them. I was more than eager to do so.

It turned out to be just the two of us…we walked from the Tidal Basin around the White House, Executive Office Building and the Treasury. (A prayer circle – read Mark Batterson’s book by that title.) It was a muggy night but beautiful. Official Washington D.C. is really one of the prettiest cities in the world. As we walked, we stopped at various locations and prayed aloud – to those around us it would have sounded like normal conversation – we were not making a spectacle of ourselves! But God heard us as we directed our requests, with thanksgiving, to Him.

The buildings and scenery are impressive but the people in them are not in control – contrary to popular opinion. God is. He is Almighty. He is the Creator. Sustainer. He sits on the eternal throne and He is holy, just, merciful and mighty. His plans are being carried out. What a comfort!

It was a special evening! (I have attached photos.) I felt honored, humbled and privileged. And overwhelmed by the needs of those serving in our government as well as the military. They have huge responsibilities and without God’s wisdom they just cannot do it well. PLease pray for all in authority – as Paul wrote to Timothy. He didn’t say we had to agree with them or even like them – we were to pray for them. And Jesus told us to pray for our enemies. And don’t forget Jerusalem! The need is even greater in these uncertain times.

Pray for Sarah as she faithfully does this week in and week out. What a dedicated precious young woman.





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Singles and God

I was invited to speak at Inspire’s first ever single’s conference in Houston Friday night. I have seen my friend Anita Carmen’s vision grow from an idea to a reality in the last 11 years. I was one of their first speakers along with Beth Moore 11 years ago! I am so proud of what Anita is doing for God.

I got to meet Jonathan McReynolds, recording artist, who debuted at #3 on Billboard and Essence Magazine Top Gospel Artists to Watch in 2014! Such a sweet, humble guy. Loved him. <a


And I met Michelle Bumgarner the “Mazda on the Road to Indy” race car driver. What a focused young woman who loves God!

I didn’t actually meet Kylie Bisutti, Winner of Victoria Secret’s Runway Angel competition and Author of “I’m No Angel: From Victoria Secret Model to Role Model” but we shared the podium. Such a sweet lady – sold out to Christ. In obedience to God she gave up her career. (I have reached and age and shape where I do not want to be in a room with a Victoria Secret model!!)

I was definitely the old lady in the bunch but I was able to give them what God has taught me. Experience counts!

I promised those there that I’d post what kind of husband the Lord is. I know I’ve posted it before…but it is worth repeating!

Psalm 104:34 “ My mediation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the Lord.”

In the Bible I read about what kind of spouse He is:
Very handsome
He thinks all I do and say is fascinating
He tells me I am beautiful/handsome – perfect really
Loves me totally
Forgives me freely
Enjoys my company
Delights in my presence
Provides for my every need – even before I know I need it
Understands me perfectly
Listens to my every whisper
Never tires of me
Gives me beautiful clothes and jewelry
Is building me a mansion
He’s never grumpy
Exceedingly patient
His kindness is loving
He keeps everything in order
He’s never late but always on time
Never distracted when I am talking – pays close and full attention
Greets me at the door when I come home
Invites me into his arms
Holds my hand
Protects me
Carries my burdens
Smells good
Enjoys my music
Comforts me when I am sad
Soothes me when I am weary
Never lets me down
Never abandons me
Never rejects me
Never betrays me
Never belittles me
Wants me to be all I can be
He’s perfect in every way
He’s the best, safest, securest. And He always makes sure I get the best when I leave the choice to Him.

“For who in heaven can be compared unto the Lord? Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the Lord?” Ps 89:6

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Glenn Beck

Now that the interview has aired on The Blaze TV I feel I can write about my time with Glenn Beck and his family.

Some years ago I heard that Glenn had invited 30 evangelical leaders to meet with him – 29 came. He had been shunned by one. I decided I would reach out to Glenn and ask him to meet with my father – knowing my father’s grace and love. I emailed Glenn’s program thinking he would never respond. Well, his “chief of staff” contacted me quickly and told me that the Beck’s would love to visit my father. I was able to make arrangements for Glenn and his family to meet with my father. As much as I wanted to be there to introduce the two, my schedule prevented it. But they had a meaningful time together. Daddy enjoyed it as much a Glenn did and felt a real love for Glenn – still does.

We had the opportunity to talk several times by phone as we shared mutual interests. Then when I had the opportunity to invite Glenn and Tania come sit with my family at my father’s birthday this past November I did so and, they readily accepted. I was looking forward to finally meeting him! I was told there was a VIP reception that evening to which my guests were invited. What I didn’t know was that there was a VVIP reception which my father attended to which we were not invited. That was where Mr and Mrs. Donald Trump, Bill Marriott, Sara and Todd Palin, Greta Van Sustern as well as other notables, and my father were. If Glenn felt slighted he didn’t show it, he was more than gracious. And he understands the “circus” that surrounds such an event.

Glenn and Tania sat with my children and me several tables away from my father. They were so engaging, gracious and kind. I was deeply impressed by his humility and tenderness – so much like my father’s own spirit. Many people were crowding around my father, trying to speak with him. I took Glenn and Tania over to greet my father who was happy to see them. Even as I approached his table the security gave me a “look”. I just looked back – this was my father! We sat together as the video, My Hope, aired. We were all moved as my Father gave the Gospel as clearly, as simply, as gently, and tenderly as one could. It was precious.

with Glenn and Tania
My children at Daddy's b'day party

My father enjoyed the evening and for days afterwards enjoyed reliving the occasion.

That evening as we sat there watching it all, I turned to Glenn and asked if his children hated the “circus” as much as I did. He said yes they did. When so many claim the time and attention of the one you love, it can be hard – you seem to be the one shut out. Though you are the one that has every right to be there!

Some days later, Glenn emailed me to thank me and asked if I would consider coming to Dallas to do an interview with him about growing up Graham. He has a deep appreciation and genuine love for my father. I was concerned about my father’s health at the time so asked to put it off until a later date.

Well, I went to Dallas at the end of January. It was so much fun and a delight to spend time with Glenn and his family. The interview was done in his home and afterwards he showed me his amazing collection of George Washington artifacts. Even the President’s compass! (Glenn and I share a deep appreciation and admiration for our first President.) It is like a private museum. Glenn was gracious to show them to me personally then he and Tania and I sat down to just visit – ask questions about each other’s views on things of mutual concern. Very comfortable. I am a sucker for genuine, authentic people. Glenn and Tania real. I was impressed with Tania’s wisdom and gentleness. They have quite an enviable partnership.

They invited me to join the family for dinner around the kitchen table. The conversation was interesting and included his children. Afterwards he brought each of us a Bible – King James Version – and we took turns reading around the table from Matthew 16 – the whole chapter. He would stop us after each verse and ask a question and discuss with us what we had read. He was teaching his children in a gentle, dear way. Oh that evangelical homes would do that so well and consistently!

I came away with deep respect and I love him like a brother.

Now, I am aware that there will be those that want question me about Glenn’s being a Mormon. I know he is. I also know God loves Glenn and has changed his life in significant ways which Glenn acknowledges. Glenn’s faith is very real and dear to him. I respect that – we have a mutual respect for each other. I know he has a tender heart and a gentle spirit – we respond to that in each other. God is at work in both of us.

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Phil Robertson

Well…I have resisted this because it seems everyone has something to say about it! But I have some thoughts about Phil Robertson so I will jump in!

Upfront I will tell you I have watched Duck Dynasty and it makes me laugh – there is not a whole lot on TV that can do that these days! However, recently the show has gotten a bit old – run its course.2013-03-13 09.51.13 Something is funny the first time, the second time but by the third time, it is getting tired! They have milked it for all it is worth. But when I just want to park my brain…

My concern before this latest brouhaha was that they were over marketed.

But let’s think about it…the show is about rednecks. They are proud of it. They market it that way. Jeff Foxworthy has made a killing with it and now the Robertsons. Good for them! Rednecks usually are good, decent, honest, God-fearing Americans. And they are opinionated. I have a few rednecks in my own family!

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to have Phil interviewed by GQ magazine? They are polar opposites. Phil is not a theologian, scholar, doctor or an expert on anything but duck calls and family. Certainly not an expert on fashion! Get serious people! His PR person should have advised him differently. Was his ego so big he thought he could pull it off? He is a smart man but he was thrown to the wolves who were salivating to sink their teeth in.

He was asked a question and he answered it like a redneck would. It was a bit crude, tasteless…But as far as he was quoting or paraphrasing St. Paul…that’s what the Bible says. They are not arguing with Phil Roberston but the Word of God. We may not like what it says but it is God’s Word and it is a hard word. But it is what it says. I don’t have to like it…I don’t have to understand it. But I trust what God says.

The press is attacking what God says and our Christian values under the guise of prejudice, phobia, crudeness…whatever. The attack is on the Word of God and the American right to voice an opinion which is guaranteed by our Constitution. They can attack Phil – in the grand scheme of things, he is just the latest target. He’s not the issue. But one day when you try to voice your opinion in your City Council or even your church but are silenced what then? Isn’t that what happened in Germany.

Folks wake up! We are loosing our freedoms. This is just the latest example.

I know this isn’t Christmasy…but life happens on the way to Bethlehem!

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News and Photos!

I have heard from many of you that you were praying for my daughter, Windsor. Thank you. Thank you. We have a merciful and gracious God.

Thursday, Windsor went to the cardiologist at the University of Pennsylvania hospital. By the time she got there she had worked herself up into quite a state – to the point of being ill. She was so afraid she wouldn’t see her children grow up.

The doctor was very reassuring. He told her not to worry – he wouldn’t even call it an aneurism but rather an enlarged aorta. (Let’s hear if for second opinions!) He said he would watch it each year with an echocardiogram but that she could go on and live her life fully – taking good care of herself. He said as she approached menopause, he’d be more attentive but for now she was good to go!

Oh what a relief that was to all of us but especially her. She had really worked herself up to the point of being ill.

God was gracious to us. And I know there are those of you for whom God has not answered a prayer of yours – your loved one is still ill, or foreclosure is looming, or your spouse has left… I don’t have answers…My daughter’s situation could have been very different. But I have learned that regardless of the circumstances, God is still loving, wise, compassionate, gracious, trust worthy… He does not change and we can fully rely on Him.

On a different note…all of my siblings and I gathered at my father’s home on Thursday for lunch. It was the first time we had all been together since my Mother’s death 6 years ago. It was terrific to all be together and I believe my Father was pleased. There was a lot of conversation, laughter, stories, good food. (When we get together our personalities show up: Gigi cooks up a plan; Anne tells us what to do; Franklin tells us why we cannot do it; Ned intellectualizes it and, I go just along!)

My Father was funny…he wears dark glasses in the house and sat half way through the meal with them on chattering away with Franklin and Anne. Then he took them off and said something to the effect, “Oh, I wondered who I was having lunch with!” He is not only struggling with dimming eyes but also his hearing. His sense of humor is still in tact and he is as dear as dear can be. I thought you’d like to see a photo:

My Father with all five cchildren


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