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I have heard from many of you that you were praying for my daughter, Windsor. Thank you. Thank you. We have a merciful and gracious God.

Thursday, Windsor went to the cardiologist at the University of Pennsylvania hospital. By the time she got there she had worked herself up into quite a state – to the point of being ill. She was so afraid she wouldn’t see her children grow up.

The doctor was very reassuring. He told her not to worry – he wouldn’t even call it an aneurism but rather an enlarged aorta. (Let’s hear if for second opinions!) He said he would watch it each year with an echocardiogram but that she could go on and live her life fully – taking good care of herself. He said as she approached menopause, he’d be more attentive but for now she was good to go!

Oh what a relief that was to all of us but especially her. She had really worked herself up to the point of being ill.

God was gracious to us. And I know there are those of you for whom God has not answered a prayer of yours – your loved one is still ill, or foreclosure is looming, or your spouse has left… I don’t have answers…My daughter’s situation could have been very different. But I have learned that regardless of the circumstances, God is still loving, wise, compassionate, gracious, trust worthy… He does not change and we can fully rely on Him.

On a different note…all of my siblings and I gathered at my father’s home on Thursday for lunch. It was the first time we had all been together since my Mother’s death 6 years ago. It was terrific to all be together and I believe my Father was pleased. There was a lot of conversation, laughter, stories, good food. (When we get together our personalities show up: Gigi cooks up a plan; Anne tells us what to do; Franklin tells us why we cannot do it; Ned intellectualizes it and, I go just along!)

My Father was funny…he wears dark glasses in the house and sat half way through the meal with them on chattering away with Franklin and Anne. Then he took them off and said something to the effect, “Oh, I wondered who I was having lunch with!” He is not only struggling with dimming eyes but also his hearing. His sense of humor is still in tact and he is as dear as dear can be. I thought you’d like to see a photo:

My Father with all five cchildren

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  1. Mickey Nilsen
    Mickey Nilsen says:

    So thankful for Windsor’s care (God bless second opinions, and third, when needed!) and good progress. Your encouragement to us through your blog soothes my pain-wracking struggle with neuropathy. Such a delight to see you all with your Daddy. Your family has been a part of my heart all my life (52 years so far). Saying prayers of thanksgiving, and will keep Windsor in prayer. I battled cancer when my little girls were 5 and 8. I understand her panic in that regard. You are kind to share your words and family with us all. Blessings…

  2. Bob
    Bob says:

    ” Good news Ruth ! ” …Prayers continuing whether on our knees or on the hoof , I like that expression , never heard it before . God Bless Windsor and all the Graham family , great photo ! Bob.

  3. Carolyn Whedbee
    Carolyn Whedbee says:

    Thank you, Ruth for sharing this blog and the picture which is to be treasured. Your family is so special to so many people. Prayers are being lifted up for all of you and especially your Father. He is safe in God’s Arms and being protected there.

    Love in Christ, Carolyn Whedbee (Kevin Jones’ mother-in-law)

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  4. Carol Jo Mills
    Carol Jo Mills says:

    I am so bad about following anything on Facebook—-but saw this today and was anxious to see what was wrong with Windsor. Thank God she is OK. You all are so special to me and to have an illness—–no matter what—– and not be sure what it is can be the worse nightmare. I love the picture of your siblings with your Dad. Lucky you he is still with you and has that sense of humor. God bless you all!

  5. Lisa
    Lisa says:


    PTL, I have been waiting for this post to appear, especially since I have been following this crisis from the beginning. I was in attendance at the Cove for the Wayne Barber seminar weekend before last and Gigi shared with us that Windsor might be facing very serious and delicate open heart surgery. I can only imagine just how very thankful you all are for this doctor’s opinion and for the goodness and mercy of our Lord Who has spared her any further trauma. I know she must have returned home with a whole new appreciation for being a wife and mom!



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