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 Get the most recent information on Ruth’s travels, ministry, thoughts, and family.


Win or Lose

I wrote a blog this morning...then as technology tends to do…

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“From the end of the earth I call to Thee, when my heart is…

What Do We Do Now?

We voted. (I hope you did - even if you didn't like the choices…

What others are saying

Chris Cates

Thank you for being such a blessing to Carson Newman. Your influence has been felt all over campus. Thank you for making us a better place.

Chris CatesCarson Newman University

Thank you for writing Fear Not Tomorrow — God is Already There. This book has meant so much to me. I have dog-eared many pages in the book.

JosephineNorth Carolina

Christ has used you, and you allowed yourself to be used, to be a blessing to many others through your life story. Thank you.


Your book, In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart, helped me heal and become closer to God and feel His love once again.


I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the book that I just completed. I cannot find the right words to tell you how meaningful it was to read of your relationship with your mother. Just suffice it to say that I was deeply moved and my spirit was rejuvenated.


Thank you for helping others like me see our Creator and Savior with simple understanding, yet with great depth…Thank you for sharing through your words that you are not a SUPER Christian with all the answers, but rather a fellow journeyman.


Thank you for sharing your life and bearing witness to the love, healing, and purpose of God through brokenness and humility. I’m no longer afraid to share my past, and I am able to trust God more in this lifelong healing process.


Your method of writing and your views speak directly to my heart.