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World View

What is your worldview? You know the sum total of your beliefs about the world. Chuck Colson called it the “big picture that directs our daily decisions.” What is yours? Do you know? Do you have one? Whether we know it or not we all have a world view. In our country it is either […]

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One Great Speech

My dear aunt from Dallas posted this on Facebook. I think it is excellent! And on the 4th of July may well get back to basic American principles. This is a Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give By Dennis Prager (Let’s remember his name – he’s got it right!) To the students and […]

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Being Real in Life!

I flew to Little Rock this past weekend to speak in Little Rock at That Church. Yes, That Church’s name is That Church! Not a name you soon forget! Nor the people you encounter there. What terrific place. I had dinner with the women’s team facilitators on Friday night after we flew in. They were […]

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This was written by another but I wanted to share it! “Ponder the potential of an egg. Ideally, under the proper circumstances of fertilization, the egg could become a baby chick. But just as most eggs do not become chicks – their highest fulfillment – so we, a humans, do not usually attain our highest […]