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Phil Robertson

Well…I have resisted this because it seems everyone has something to say about it! But I have some thoughts about Phil Robertson so I will jump in!

Upfront I will tell you I have watched Duck Dynasty and it makes me laugh – there is not a whole lot on TV that can do that these days! However, recently the show has gotten a bit old – run its course.2013-03-13 09.51.13 Something is funny the first time, the second time but by the third time, it is getting tired! They have milked it for all it is worth. But when I just want to park my brain…

My concern before this latest brouhaha was that they were over marketed.

But let’s think about it…the show is about rednecks. They are proud of it. They market it that way. Jeff Foxworthy has made a killing with it and now the Robertsons. Good for them! Rednecks usually are good, decent, honest, God-fearing Americans. And they are opinionated. I have a few rednecks in my own family!

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to have Phil interviewed by GQ magazine? They are polar opposites. Phil is not a theologian, scholar, doctor or an expert on anything but duck calls and family. Certainly not an expert on fashion! Get serious people! His PR person should have advised him differently. Was his ego so big he thought he could pull it off? He is a smart man but he was thrown to the wolves who were salivating to sink their teeth in.

He was asked a question and he answered it like a redneck would. It was a bit crude, tasteless…But as far as he was quoting or paraphrasing St. Paul…that’s what the Bible says. They are not arguing with Phil Roberston but the Word of God. We may not like what it says but it is God’s Word and it is a hard word. But it is what it says. I don’t have to like it…I don’t have to understand it. But I trust what God says.

The press is attacking what God says and our Christian values under the guise of prejudice, phobia, crudeness…whatever. The attack is on the Word of God and the American right to voice an opinion which is guaranteed by our Constitution. They can attack Phil – in the grand scheme of things, he is just the latest target. He’s not the issue. But one day when you try to voice your opinion in your City Council or even your church but are silenced what then? Isn’t that what happened in Germany.

Folks wake up! We are loosing our freedoms. This is just the latest example.

I know this isn’t Christmasy…but life happens on the way to Bethlehem!

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  1. donna m.
    donna m. says:

    Ruth, You nailed this well! My husband and I just had a conversation regarding how Americans need to wake up! We are loosing our freedoms and that’s a very scary thing! Have a very blessed Christmas and thank you for this recent post.

  2. Monica
    Monica says:

    Dear Ruth, very well phrased. In this era of every third word having to be bleeped out on every other reality show, it is SO refreshing to watch Duck Dynasty. I root for that family! And this all reminds me to pray for our country. Thank you!

  3. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    You are right. This is about religious freedom. I went to my great granddaughter’s
    Musical program. No real Christmas music but they sang a song saying we love Martha Stewart!://www.facebook.ccom.odgers.5/posts/778638782153609

  4. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    I’m from England so find your explanation of the background to this political saga very helpful, as from this side of the Pond it very much sounds like a storm in a Tea Party teacup. Surely if you take the Bible absolutely literally, as nobody I know does in actual practise (even in evangelical circles ), adultery, lust, greed, gluttony. gossip and the remarriage of divorcees is just as sinful as homosexuality, as is the wearing of clothes of different materials (Leviticus 19 v 19) of which we are probably all guilty ? Having visited the USA, I think the PC agenda there is fairly mild, in certain respects very necessary and doesn’t bear any relation to what was going on historically in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

  5. raewilson
    raewilson says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I love Duck Dynasty, love it’s “down to earth folks”!
    The Bible was quoted correctly. He also said we are taught to “love one another”, that includes Gays, theives, adulterers,


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