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Real Power

In keeping with the “birds on the runway”…it is obvious I was walking near the runway. Actually, quite close. Being a small island, everything is close! But the road ran right along the airport perimeter fence.

Most mornings a much smaller propeller plane took off. But on the weekends, there was jet service into the island.

So…on a weekend morning a jet was scheduled to take off. I could watch the people board and the luggage being loaded – all the pre-flight activity through a space in the shrubbery. I was fascinated. Maybe I travel too much!!

Then I heard the engines come to life as the plane began its very slow taxi to the end of the runway. I got impatient with the slowness so resumed my walk. Soon I heard the whine of the motors as it turned and began to speed down the runway for take off.

It rushed down the runway in a crescendo of roar and wind that was overwhelming as it climbed into the sky. Though I could not see it, I could feel and hear it. The takeoff was a mighty show of power as the enormous plane lifted off the ground. It was quite a real (but infinitesimal) illustration of God’s power for me.

“The Lord’s voice will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth will shake. But the Lord will be a refuge for His people, a strong fortress for the people of Israel.” (Joel 3:16)

That prophecy seems so very relevant for our world today. And with all the noise in Washington, Damascus, Moscow, Tehran and elsewhere, it reminds us that God is still powerful over all the events. He is in charge. His way will prevail.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Birds seem to have a special place in the Bible , There was the raven and the dove that Noah sent out from the ark , then there was the ravens that fed Elijah the prophet . The dove that descended on Jesus at his baptism . What a sad world it would be, were there no birds in the sky or morning songbirds to listen to. If only this world could live in peace with one another , one day it will come to pass .

    What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see ,
    When I look upon his face the one who saved me by His grace.
    When he takes me by the hand and leads me to the promised land,
    What a day , glorious day that will be.

    Thank you Ruth.


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