I went to the beach for my annual vacation. I love the beach and each year ask God to renew my spirit. The weather was perfect and while I was there we had a full moon. The reflection dancing on the waves…the higher than usual tide… I just love everything about the beach. Except the sand on the floors!

Maybe you know that each year I ask the Lord for a special something during my beach week. One year as I prepared to go to Angola Prison God gave me a message about the beauty of broken shells – I shared that with you all. How I applied that to broken lives – the beauty revealed in brokeness…

This year, it wasn’t a specific request but I knew I needed to hear from Him in a special way. I have had such a busy Spring and I just wanted a touch from Him – I was so weary.

As is my custom, I walked the beach early each morning with my iPod of praise music. About half way into my vacation I decided to leave the iPod at home. I wanted quiet so that I could hear Him but also not be distracted from my own heart’s praise. I am easily distracted and go down so many diferent rabbit trails.

The last morning I got up before dawn (and this time of year that is about 6:30 AM). It was quite dark but I got up and found my way to the beach by the light of the moon. It was almost like daylight. No one else was out. I began my treck down the beach knowing that when I turned around I would be facing the sunrise. My footprints were the only ones.

As always my eyes scanned the sand for shells. This year I hadn’t found anything new and really did not have hopes to find anything. I found some baby’s ears, sea urchins, slipper shells, always the clam shells…As I looked down the beach and saw several patches of shells deposited on the beach by the overnight waves, my thought was ,”Oh no! I have to look at all those. I am in a huury to pack and get going!” (can you imagine?!) But that morning as the sun came up and I searched the sand I found 4 perfect unbroken sea urchins and a perfect little welk. Usually I find broken pieces of welks. Such beauty even in their brokenness. And then I found a perfect tiny auger! I had never found one before. God gave me something new!

Not sure where God is going with that but I feel He has something new for me – for all of us as we follow Him.

As I turned to go back to the cottage, the sun was rising but in the West the moon was setting. I felt wrapped in His care and mercy – East and West.

“All things are yours…any ye are Christ’s and Christ is God’s”. (I Corintihans 3:21)

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  1. Lyn Cameron
    Lyn Cameron says:

    Hi Ruth, I enjoyed reading your comments. My favourite place is the beach and when my husband was alive we lived at our Bach for a few years before living in the States for just over 6 years. Your description was so like some of my walks. I remember before we left for the States walking the beach looking for a wee yellow fan shell http://www.mollusca.co.nz/speciesdetail.php?speciesid=2282&species=Talochlamys zelandiae The yellow was hard to find and I was asking for the Lord to give me one as a ‘fleece’ that He was hearing me and guiding me. Usually I only found the fan shells in another bay so figured if I found one it was really from Him. I used them in small art work that I did.
    I was about to give up, feeling somewhat down and telling myself why should He answer such a weird prayer. I walked to the top of the beach where past high tides had built a length of old bleached shells against a bank. I meandered past them when I saw placed perfectly inside one of the clam shells this perfectly formed yellow shell.
    I have it framed now, still in the clam shell against silk of blues, teal and pink background and framed with seaweed
    It hangs above my door in a gold multi edged box frame as a promise from Him – Jeremiah 29:11 The shell is barely a half inch in length and breadth. Such a tiny wee thing nestled in side the larger shell, perfectly protected. And that is how we are isn’t it? We get tired and weary and have trouble at times hearing Him due to the busyness of life in all it’s variations of activity.
    I have been so lonely these last 8 years since our return from wonderful USA and since his leaving to be with the Lord 6 months after that return. But reading your blog has brought back a lovely memory – thank you

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      I am sorry for your loss and loneliness. But am glad to know I have a fellow beach walker/shellseeker amongst my readers! Thanks for sharing your experience.
      There are times God will pause the universe to speak to our hearts…I think He did that for you.

  2. Kristi
    Kristi says:

    Your description was so vivid I can almost hear the waves. I crave the beach daily and feel so close to God when I walk the shore as well. Thank you so much for your ministry and your writings. They are so very encouraging!!!!

    I do have one question. Will there be a beach and ocean in heaven? I have been told “there will be no sea”. Is this biblical?

  3. Suzanne Worth
    Suzanne Worth says:

    Ruth, I always learn something from reading your blog. Today I was reminded to chase only one rabbit at a time. I am right there with you.

  4. donmiles3710
    donmiles3710 says:

    You are such a gifted observer of all things, able to write in such a way that one actually joins you. I could see and hear the waves and smell the sea, as the sun came up I found myself praising the One who is the Light of the World. Thanks for this refreshement!


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