Snow Storm

Last Thursday, fighting a cold, I flew to Nashville for a meeting – a planning session for Ruth Graham & Friends. I had heard a snow storm was predicted for the weekend but figured my flights would get me home in time. My flight left on time from Nashville and when I arrived in Philadelphia […]

While We Wait

My daughter called me early this morning to say that my grandson, little Payson, had stopped breathing in the wee hours of the morning and they had to call 911. He was rushed to the local hospital and then transferred to Dupont Children’s Hospital. He is now  in the ICU. I would appreciate your prayers for […]

Did You Know?

Did you know that: toilets flush in the key of E-flat? the oldest word in the English language is “town”? frogs have to close their eyes to swallow? one pencil can draw a line 35 miles long? Cleveland spelled backwards is DNA level C? rats can’t throw up? fish can swim at 68 mph? the […]