Lamps and Lamplighter

I am sitting in the middle of Lake Michigan (not exactly the middle) on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel. I am speaking for the Winsome Women conferences and having a wonderful time. The hotel serves up delicious meals – and desserts. They serve a pecan covered vanilla ice cream ball with fudge…to die for. […]


Thank you for praying for my father. I dashed that blog so that you all would be praying. Let me fill in the blanks. On Wednesday I was in the Portland, OR airport (that’s a great airport) in a bookstore looking for a book as a gift for my granddaughter whose birthday is this weekend. […]

My father

I got in from the West Coast late last night. Before I left Portland I was called with the news of my father’s pneumonia and hospitalization. I was told that the pneumonia came on fast so they are treating it aggressively. He was in good spirits and visiting with the doctors and nurses. I thank […]