Spiritual Retreat

I am going on a “spiritual retreat” today at 10 AM until Tuesday 2 PM. This will be a new experience for me and am asking God to speak to my heart and mind. As you all know these have been busy, stressful months and I desperately need quiet down time. There is a nearby […]

End of the World

I have  had a week at home! Hooray! I found someone to wash my windows – they hadn’t been done since we moved in, I’m ashamed to say.  Someone else cleaned the gutters. I have been able to get into the yard and pull, trim, plant…do all the things that needed doing. And I know with […]

Lamps and Lamplighter

I am sitting in the middle of Lake Michigan (not exactly the middle) on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel. I am speaking for the Winsome Women conferences and having a wonderful time. The hotel serves up delicious meals – and desserts. They serve a pecan covered vanilla ice cream ball with fudge…to die for. […]