From Strangers to Friends

Yesterday I had the nicest visit from some folks I had only heard of. Randy Stonehill, contemporary Christian song writer/musician and his darling wife, Leslie, came by to meet me. Leslie had written to me that Randy was being ministered to by my little devotional, Fear Not Tomorrow, while he was facing some serious health challenges and she wondered if he could meet me. It’s not often that I have “fans” who want to drive out of their way to meet me!! She did not tell him where they were going or what was happening. She just used her GPS to find me and when they drove up he had no idea where he was or why. He thought she was a bit nuts to go to a stranger’s door and knock. When I went outside to greet him he still didn’t know who I was – it’s the hair I think! She introduced us and he seemed genuinely surprised. And pleased.

Since we’d never met none of us knew what to expect. But it wasn’t long before we were fast friends! (I am attaching the photo.)What a great couple – battle tested and war scarred. We had a great time talking, laughing, sharing God’s goodness and grace.

It was a delightful ending to a very hectic day: I had the cleaning lady in, my daughter and 2 children along with a new friend who has also suffered a brian injury were also here. They came to help me navigate the paperwork for disability for Greg. Since this man suffered brain injury after an airplane accident, he has been down this path, knows the ropes and simply wants to help other people who have suffered as he has and is. What a kind and generous man he is. The government doesn’t make it easy and it helps to have someone who can walk you through it. Another friend was working to get my computer set up correctly and to sync my phone. Then we had the duct people in to fix my dryer vent. All gong on at the same time! It was a zoo. Greg slept through it all – except lunch time!

So the Stonehills capped of my day in a wonderful way!

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  1. Nell Tiller
    Nell Tiller says:

    Dear Ruth,
    I love this story! I can almost assure you that there are others that would like to make a similar trip to visit you, because you ooze the spirit of Christ in sll that you say and practice.

    You may not remember that about one year ago, a woman sat beside you on an airplane. She related a dream of having thought it important to meet you. I am that woman. It had actually occurred to me to try to get an appointment with you. I wanted to talk about China, and where I think God is taking me in that direction. But, there you were, in the seat next to me! and I said nothing until we were landing.

    Little did I know that you would experience some of the most traumatic moments of a person’s life and that I would spend a year praying for you and Gregg.

    While you were doing your life’s work on two fronts with Greg and with your newest call, I was preparing to take 3 community college students, four faculty members and some community members to China on June 18-July 4 to become familiar with China to encourage others to study about China and the people of China. May I ask that you keep us in your prayers? I feel God is in this in a way that I do not know the outcome, but I MUST do this trip. I know you have many things to pray about, so just scribble a note on a card and stick it near a mirror “Nell Tiller and group” God will know what you are asking each time you look at it.

    Blessings to you with your newest friendship with the Stonehills. God bless you in your work and in your life with Gregg.

    Nell Tiller

  2. Danny Nicholson
    Danny Nicholson says:


    Randy Stonehill is one of my favorite Christian artist ever!! What a blessing to meet him and he you. I found out recently through a documentary that Randy had alot to do with strengthening Keith Green’s walk with the Lord. He was one of my musical saint heros too. So I am delighted that you were able to fellowship with such a wonderful servant of our Lord.

    Praying for Greg and hope to see you soon.

    God Bless!!


  3. Marlene Palser
    Marlene Palser says:

    Great picture! You look like a thirty year old! What a wonderful, busy, love-filled day! Just want to tell you how we appreciated your brother’s wise, spirit led comments on the the Bill O’Reilly show. He was the perfect person to share the truth after last week’s O’Reilly guest supported Rob Bell’s book questioning the reality of hell. So glad Franklin said he thinks that Bell is a heretic and false teacher “because the Bible is very clear that there is a hell.” We cheered when OReilly asked whether eternal damnation in hell is cruel and Franklin responded, “What’s cruel is a person who rejects Almighty God and slams the door in God’s face. The Bible says that God so loved the world that He gave His only son.”
    You go Graham family!

    We continue to pray for Greg, you and your family.

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      I wish I was 30 and had the same stamina!
      Rob Bell – and those that follow him – need our prayers. To say there is no hell is to say God made a mistake or it was a cruel joke on Jesus to let him be crucified for no reason.
      But Easter week was a great time to have the story break – it was on the front cover of Time magazine. So many were discussing it. It elevated Easter above the Easter bunny and colored eggs, ham dinner and new clothes. It intensified the importance of the death and resurrection of Chist – so we don’t have to spend eternity in hell. The choice is ours – this side of eternity.
      That’s what makes the Easter celebation so wonderful. It’s all about Jesus!


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