Family Photos

I thought you might enjoy seeing some family photos.

I haven’t got them in the correct order – I am learning but they are fun and I’ll certainly be sending more. I want you to see little Payson since I have asked for you to pray for him.

The first is with my Davis grandchildren this Christmas.

The 2nd is with my father on his 91st birthday.

The 3rd is my oldest daughter’s birthday 1.1.10.

The 4th is my father with my husband, his 3 boys and me in Montreat between Christmas and New Years.

The 5th is 2 of my grandchildren last summer at the beach.

The 6th is my sister Anne, my father, my brother Franklin and me at my father’s 91st birthday supper 11.7.09.

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  1. Joye
    Joye says:

    Thank you for sharing your family photos, Ruth. Your family is precious. I am sure there are many people praying for your grandson. How is he doing? I can’t imagine the pain of having a baby so sick…He is still in many of our prayers, I am sure.

  2. ruthgraham
    ruthgraham says:

    Indeed! I know Belma Ruth – she served “Uncle” Cliff Barrows for many years. She was sucha huge help to him for so many years and enabled him to do all that he did in the Lord’s service.

    I appreciate yor kind words and most of all yor prayers over the years. I often say that I am the beneficiary of “spiritual fallout” – people have prayed for my parents and it has spilled over into my life! Thank you.


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