Caterpillar Purpose

While I was on my retreat several weeks ago I had a fun experience.

I had taken a walk and spent some time praying. I was relaxed and enjoying nature. As I walked the gravel road I looked down to see a small caterpillar. We call them “wooly worms”. He was marching a long at a fast clip – for a caterpillar. As if he was late for an appointment. Nothing distracted him.  He was determined to meet some deadline he had. In a hurry – as caterpillars go. He maneuvered gravel, dirt, cow pies…or this “giant” that was walking beside him watching. He was focused.  Nothing discouraged him. He just kept marching along.

I began to think about him…as he maneuvered his caterpillar obstacles around the gravel and dust…did he know that he was a butterfly in disguise? Did he know one day, very soon, he would have wings and fly? Did he know he would soar above it all?

I doubt it. Onward he marched. But it didn’t alter the reality that he was going to be changed. He would rise above the dust and gravel in beauty  – floating upon the breeze to see the glory of the floral world and spread the pollen for all that God created him to be.

We will too. No matter the circumstances – and we may be marching as fast as we can – but God has built into us a beauty and purpose that perhaps we cannot even imagine in our daily “march”. God has built into us an amazing purpose that He will fulfill in us. Let us yield and not be impatient with our caterpillar stage. God has a glorious future for us.

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