4th of July pictures

I hope you each had a great and safe fourth of July. I certainly did. I drove back down to N.C. to be with my 3 children and all 8 of my grandchildren. We had fun at the Montreat parade which is a typical small town event. Everyone comes out in festive wear and almost anyone can be in the parade. You see people you haven’t seen in a year or more. The town is so small that the parade circles back around on itself! The favorite for my grandson was the fire truck! And the fact that the paraders could throw candy…and did.

I ate too many hot dogs! But I enjoyed each bite! Late that night we sat in my father’s front yard and watched the fireworks in the valley below. We had perfect seats and no crowds.

We were joined by friends from Waynesboro, Glen, Kim and Kristen Holmon. He pastors the First Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro which was the church that sent my grandparents to China as missionaries.They seemed to roll with the punches – mass confusion, laughter, cheating at Rook, family “stuff” and antiquing! And I was so happy that my father finally had the opportunity to meet them. They have been special in our lives.

My son-in-law, Todd, was kind enough to go up the night before and park his van along the parade route – under a trees so we’d be in the shade. He is thoughtful and always up for adventure. Perfect husband for Windsor.

I enjoy my children and wish they all lived closer. I keep trying to talk Windsor and Todd into moving south.

Pictures: watching the parade (Walker, my oldest grandson is in the cowboy hat) little Payson being held by his mother, Windsor, is leaning out the window, the Holmons are in the very back, picnic on the front lawn, family with Daddy but I have to get a picture of Windsor and her fmaily from someone else…mine didn’t turn out well. Plus her husband has great photos of my family with Daddy. I’ll post them soon.

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  1. June
    June says:

    Hello Ruth and Family 🙂
    I am a big fan of the Graham Family 🙂 Great to see you all had a wonderful 4th July. Have a Blessed day.

    Warmest Regards
    June Maher 🙂

  2. Nell Tiller
    Nell Tiller says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for the personal pages and pictures of your family. While you were enjoying the 4th in your hometime, I was on an airplane returning from China with a group of ten including students and faculty from Blue Ridge Community College. We were there for 15 days.

    Blessings to all
    Nell Tiller

  3. Danny Nicholson
    Danny Nicholson says:


    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures…..sounds like you guys had a wonderful Fourth of July!!

    Praying for you and Greg…..

    God Bless and hope to talk with you soon…..


  4. Kay O'Brien
    Kay O'Brien says:

    Hi Ruth. Great pictures! Sounds like a wonderful day and so glad you could share that with your family. We will miss you at Carson-Newman for “Back to the Creek Week” but will be praying that your engagements are full of grace and impact. Just know you remain in our hearts and prayers, Kay

  5. Joyce Burns
    Joyce Burns says:

    Ruth, Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I am 72 but fondly remember going
    across the mountain from Washington College Academy to spend a day at
    Montreat college I think I was 16. Another time we came to hear your
    dad preach at a big revival in Ashville.
    God Bless,


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