When your world is shaken!


My assistant and I were at our desks when the house began to shake. Not quite knowing what it was, I sat still to wait for it to pass. It didn’t. A picture fell. Books toppled. It went on for quite a few minutes – probably seconds – but it felt like minutes. Finally, I said to my assistant, Krista, “This is an earthquake!”

They are very rare for us in our part of the world. My home is a solid brick house and it shook! For what seemed like 5 minutes and then there was an aftershock. The ceiling fans rattled and continued to rattle. Soon my husband called up and said, “I need help here.” A bottle had fallen and broken spilling its contents on the floor. We got busy cleaning it up.

It was odd to stand in my upstairs and realize there was nowhere to go – it was all shaking. Nothing to hold on to. Nothing to run to. It was all in upheaval.

I was reminded that Christ is our solid rock, strong tower. We are safe in Him.

Years ago when my world was rocked by heartache, I remember memorizing this verse, “For though the mountains be removed and the hills may shake, My loving-kindness will not be removed from you, and My covenant of peace will not be shaken, says the Lord who has compassion on you.” Isaiah 54: 10

God and His character are the one solid thing. We cling to Him.

By the way, if any of you are near Knoxville on Sunday, the premier of Fear Not Tomorrow, the Musical Worship Experience will be held at First Baptist Concord Church. I’ll be there and am so thrilled to be part of this amazing work. If you can, join us as we worship this unchanging, unshakable God.

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  1. Kathryn Duke
    Kathryn Duke says:

    I thought of you today when CNN showed the location of the earth quake…probably from your postings about your house selling, I remembered where you live!! Glad you were all safe…Ps 91:10

    and thank you for always shinning a light on God’s plan for our lives!!

  2. Linda Brook
    Linda Brook says:

    Your posting this morning was meaningful to me since I live in Christchurch, a city experiencing many quakes for almost a year. I thank our Lord that all my family have been kept safe, although my son and family have had to leave their damaged home. Thanks for sharing those strong and reliable words from Isaiah 54. Our Lord is indeed mighty and our very sure refuge. May He encourage you this day.

  3. Elvira
    Elvira says:

    You’ve encouraged me with this post. I’ve been struggling with some issues with our adult children and spouses and having a hard time waiting for an answer. I’m from way up here in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and thought of you and your ministry here a few years ago. Wanted to look you up and found your Blog!!! Love it.
    I love the Isaiah 54:10 verse, just for me this morning! Blessings to you!


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