Thank you for praying! My house has sold!  A few days ago I was with someone who prayed that a person would come along from out-of-town and want to live in Charlottesville. And would you believe a lady came in from California? And wants to live in Charlottesville! She signed a contract and wants to move September 15th. Yikes. Lots to do before then… And I will be away when I have to move so… I have to begin to get ready now!!

In this market, I am so thankful to God for allowing this. Huge burden lifted. Without a second income from Greg, I just could not carry this house any longer.

If you read my last blog where I was frustrated with God and yet wanting to put a “spiritual” face on it all. Well, this was it. I was so frustrated that the house wasn’t selling.

So…would you praise God with me today! And pray that all the logistics come together.

I looked, in between trips, for a house in the Shenandoah Valley where I had lived for 20+ years. I really wanted to be back in my old neighborhood. I loved it. But the 2 houses I looked at, one was too small and the other too expensive and not kept up.  Finally, found a lovely house that was not on the market – it’s in a great area – very private. It has great storage. Everything has recently been painted or upgraded. It is in a homeowners association situation so the grass and snow and mulching will be taken care of. Now I will be gardening for fun not just to keep up with the weeds!! The house, is not big but has room for my children and grandchildren to come visit.

I will be gone a good bit before the 15th and , in fact, will not be here for the actual move! So I will recruit friends. God is going show me new lessons about trusting Him. While it is a AA slogan, it is a good one, “Let go and let God”.

As I am able, I will let you know how it is going! If God has brought me this far, He’ll see me through the whole move.

If you are struggling with a situation where God doesn’t seem to be answering…let this be an encouragement to you. He does answer in His time and way and in ways that are so much better than we can imagine. Our job is to trust Him. He knows what He is doing.

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  1. Kay O'Brien
    Kay O'Brien says:

    Wonderful news! We rejoice with you and look forward to seeing you in Tennessee next week. I’ll be praying for you in your many preparations and all the logistics of moving. Grace upon grace to you, Kay O’Brien

  2. Nell Tiller
    Nell Tiller says:

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Let them flow like a river! We do not know the joys and sorrows that will come our way. Faith is….just faith. nothing more, nothing less. The evidence of things not seen. Translating the phrase let go and let God: have faith in God, he’s on his throne, Have faith in God, he cares for his own. Like a mother responding to a child begging for something, God knows when to give…
    It was good to have you in worship on Sunday. May the move go smoothly.


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