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Today my husband and I had a surprise visit from a gentleman from Kenya, Africa. A mutual friend brought him by for a visit.  Tom is involved in foundational work in Africa and his ministry is now in 10 African nations.  A sweet man and it was such a blessing to have him in our home. Mother always said that when we host missionaries we are entertaining heaven’s royalty. That’s how I felt as this man shared his heart with us. He has such a big heart and passion to develop Christian leaders throughout Africa. He is also very concerned about strengthening and building Christian marriages among his people.  He was very pleased when I gave him a copy of Legacy of Faith, Things I Learned from My Father and Legacy of Love, Things I Learned from My Mother. They are small books that I knew could be easily packed plus I know they are chucked full of wisdom from my parents’ lives and experiences. African Christians have great respect for my father and the ministry he did there back in the 1960s. I remember that he was gone for 6 months during that time.

My grandson, Payson, tested negative for the H1N1 virus after all for which we thank God. Thank you for praying.  He is having surgery tomorrow morning (15th) to connect the esophagus and stomach. I ask you to pray for him and his parents. Thank you.

I had the honor of participating in an interview with Dr. Ravi Zacharius and Dr. Rosyln Scott last week on the subject of psychology and the Christian life. I was “outgunned” with brain power but I hope I was able to contribute in a small way how it was to experience deep emotional hurt, wounding and depression as a believer in the Church. And how God not only sustained me but brought me through in order to help others. How grateful I was and am for godly doctors and scientists who can evaluate for depression and prescribe medicines that help. You see, when we are under stress for a long period – or not so long – our brain chemicals become unbalanced and we need the medicines to help balance them again. It is not a spiritual deficiency to seek a doctor’s care or a counselor’s help. I thank God for my doctor and my therapist!

If you suspect you have depression or know someone who is I strongly urge you to seek out a doctor who can evaluate you and help you get the help you need. If you had a broken leg you’d go to the doctor. Depression is a physical illness that can be treated. Don’t delay.

It has been a busy week with a trip down to Virginia Beach in the dreadful rain they were having as a result of that storm – Ida – I think. It rained – poured – all the way down and all the way back! I went down to do the 700 Club at CBN for 2 interviews to promote my new book, Fear Not Tomorrow. I am glad I have a good solid car and also had a good friend with me so we chatted all the way down and all the way back! They were good interviews and it was good to see Pat Robertson looking so well and Terry Meewson again. They are dear – make me feel relaxed and right at home.  I am so blessed to be able to do what I do and meet such wonderful people.

And the best part of any trip is to come home!

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