Daddy’s Birthday

I just got back from being with my father for his 91st birthday. It was a quiet celebration with my sister Anne, brother Franklin and me. We had pot roast with mashed potatoes, southern green beans (cooked to death with sugar and bacon grease – yum!) salad and apple pie with ice cream. My father loves Anne’s apple pie. She makes the best! Anne gave him 91 chocolate Hershey kisses! Then we gave him a fleece jacket that zips up the front so that he doesn’t have to  pull it over his head. The staff had sent him 2 baskets of cookies that looked like daisies with faces all in an arrangement. So cute and festive. We knew the great grand-children would have loved them! There were flowers from well-wishers and phone calls from family around the country.

I think he had a good day – he was tired by the time he went to bed. But he knew he was dearly loved and his life celebrated. And he added more to his memory bank. Yesterday as I had my early morning cup of tea with him he wistfully  told me, “I surely miss your mother.” I assured him that I knew that and had been able to visit her grave the day before while in Charlotte. He wanted reassurance that it looked pretty and was a nice place for her. I assured him it was lovely.

The nurses said he is working hard to get stronger and is committed to his physical therapy so that he can preach one more time! That would be so exciting! Pray with me that he can do that.

I had been in Charlotte for the Ruth Graham & Friends board meeting. We had a very good meeting and feel we made some strategic decisions for the future. 2010 promises to be a busy year for the ministry with six events scheduled. Check out our website to find a location near you. Last year we committed to making our conferences free of charge. That has been a challenge but we felt that it made the events available to more people who might otherwise not be able to attend. It was a step of faith since we are not underwritten by any organization and all our funds come from donors. Would you pray about partnering with us as we seek to equip the Church to reach those that have been historically marginalized by the Church. We  also seek to create a safe place for those same people to begin the journey to wholeness and sustain them on their way with Bible study from Living Free Ministries.  You would be investing in eternal work as God changes lives and hearts.

I have mentioned my little grandson, Payson, before. He was born prematurely in August with multiple issues. He has been in the hospital ever since. My daughter called late last night to say they fear he has contracted the H1N1 virus. He has been put on a respirator and is in isolation. Poor little fellow. He has had a hard beginning but he is a fighter! And we know God holds him in His hands – how grateful I am for that assurance. I will keep you posted on his progress.

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  1. ruth wiggam
    ruth wiggam says:

    Such a sweet story….my dad went to be with Jesus last December 12th, and I will always cherish the wonderful last few years with him. He, too, was a minister, and served God diligently until he was 82. We who have godly fathers are truly blessed.

  2. ruthgraham
    ruthgraham says:

    Dear Ruth Wiggam –
    Thank you – we are blessed to have godly men in our lives. Thank you for telling me about your dad. I am sorry that he is not with you but can only imagine what he is experiencing as he views eternity from heaven’s side. The glory!
    I dread the day my father leaves to go to heaven – but know he anticipates it with joy. It will be a wonderful day for him as he hears his Lord say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”
    May your sweet memories comfort you.
    Ruth Graham

  3. Lorrie Macdonald
    Lorrie Macdonald says:

    Dear Ms Graham:
    I just found your blog this morning, and I have so enjoyed reading it (especially since your warmth and wit is helping me to overlook the fact that winter arrived yesterday!).

    It was so touching and overwhelming, actually, to read of your precious father’s 91st birthday celebration! I will continue to pray for him, for you and your family.

    Your father will always be special to me, as I invited Jesus into my heart 30 years ago in Toronto, Ontario, at one of his crusades. Over the years there were times where I describe my life as “building my testimony”, however for several years now, both my husband and I have been sharing a wonderful ministry sharing the Gospel in song at various Gospel concerts, both locally and out of town. God is so good!

    Please accept my heartfelt thanks for sharing the beautiful highlights of Dr. Graham’s birthday with us.

    May you be richly blessed today, and always.

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      Thank you, Lorrie. You blessed me with you comment.

      I just got some photos taken at my father’s birthday celebration and will see if my husband can upload them – I am technologically challenged to say the least! They are good photos and I’d like to share them.
      So many people around the world come up to me and say, “I know you’re tired of heaing this but I came to Christ through your father’s ministy…” I assure them that I never tire of it! It is a thrill to hear what God has done in people’s lives. That’s why we as a family gave him up so many times and for so long. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

      I talked with Daddy this week by phone and he sounds terrific – like he is 60! His voice is stronger and he says he is feeling good. I believe that’s the result of so many people praying for him so he can preach one more time. Than you for yours.

      I understand about winter…we are expceting snow tomorrow. I am not ready for that!! But ready of not. I have made sure I have fixings for soup and will make a big pot of soup and Christmas cookies to put into the freezer. So I’d better get off to the store! 🙂


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