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THe Perfect Husband

I have more to say on the experience Jesus had with His disciples in the same portion of scripture as last week but in the meantime I spoke at a conference in Worcester, MA. My topic was “loneliness” which also covered a bit about divorce.

I closed my remarks about telling the story about the time afer my first husband and I divorced. We had a large farm that needed lots of upkeep and I was feeling overwhelmed. I walked outside the house only to see that it needed to be repainted. I looked up into the sky and said,”Jesus you said You would be my husband. I need you now to show me what to do.” He did.
But it made me think what kind of husband he is for me. (I got the idea from my friend Michelle McKinney Hammond.)

I promised the ladies yesterday I would post it on my blog so they could have a copy. (I failed to take copies as a hand-out.) Maybe you would like it as well.

Psalm 104:34, “My meditation of His shall be sweet: I will be glad in the Lord.”

What kind of spouse is He?

He thinks all I do and say is fascinating
He tells me I am beautiful – perfect really
Loves me totally
Forgives me freely
Enjoys my company
Delights in my presence
Provides for my every need – even before I know I need it
Understands me perfectly
Listens to my every whisper
Never tires of me
Gives me beautiful clothes and jewelry
Is building me a mansion
He’s never grumpy
Exceedingly patient
His kindness is loving
He keeps everything in order
He’s never late but always on time
Never distracted when I am talking – pays close and full attention
Greets me at the door when I come home
Invites me into His arms
Holds my hand
Protects me
Carries my packages
Smells good
Enjoys my music
Comforts me when I am sad
Never lets me down
Never abandons me
Never is angry with me
Never rejects me
Never betrays me
Never belittles me
Wants me to be all I can be
Soothes me when I am weary
He’s perfect in every way

He’s the best, safest, securest. And He makes sure I get the best when I leave the choice to Him.

Psalm 89:6
“For who in heaven can be compared unto the lord? Who among the sons of thee mighty can be likened unto the Lord?”

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  1. Melody Phillips
    Melody Phillips says:

    I was at your conference yesterday in Worcester, and hearing you speak about loneliness was as if the Lord had grabbed my soul and shook me to say “Do you hear me now”. I have been divorced twice and when I went to the seminar was looking for answers as to why I have been feeling lonely but at the same time wanted to be alone? I had been feeling a failure as a person as a mom and to the Lord. I have been Single for two years + most of the time I feel content with being single but out of place for being my age and “single”. I have pursuer’s but on their terms and I need things on my terms so push everyone away. I have two Grandsons whom I love very much and love being around. I know I am rambling but your seminar made me feel we were connected somehow and I so want to thank you. I have so much more to say in this life and to so many people but I am not sure how or even what. Thank you for posting this and when I get my thoughts straight in my head and pray about what I am to do I will write more if you do not mind.. God Bless you and Thank you so much for helping me feel “Ok” with being alone and Single.

  2. bringing bread
    bringing bread says:

    Ruth, I kept thinking about this lovely post all through church this morning! Just to think of Jesus thinking of us in the ways you describe blesses me so. I hope you don’t mind, but I “re-blogged” this post to one of my blogs, hoping to spread the sweet truth.
    Thank you again, Colleen

  3. Priscilla
    Priscilla says:

    Thank you Ruth. I am not single, widowed or divorced but felt that I was there yesterday by Divine Appointment to listen to your words in hopes that it would help me to empathize with my dear friends who do suffer from loneliness. Your kind words helped me to feel for them. I am planning to purchase some CD’s, as they really need to hear these words from you also. I especially loved to hear the comfort that your husband, Jesus is able to provide for you. Once again thank you for coming to Mass. God Bless!! Priscilla

  4. Cheryl Goodger
    Cheryl Goodger says:

    Thank you Ruth, this is beautiful, and it makes me think of how we expect way too much of our earthly mates when Jesus is all we need. I just need to daily review your list to keep my head on straight. these are a reminder that Jesus is where I find this not an earthly being that WILL fall short of each and every need I have. Blessings my friend – Cheryl

  5. Karen
    Karen says:

    How beautiful! Very timely too, as I was feeling very lonely and wishing for a life partner to grow old with. I was divorced at 30 and left with a six-month-old daughter to raise. All too soon she was grown and gone from home. When I looked in my mirror, I saw a middle-aged woman — now how did that happen? All around me are couples married for 30 years to their “best friend.” In dark times I asked God why I couldn’t have the same. Why must I go through everything alone, from major surgery to job loss to dealing with my mother’s death? I no longer share these issues as I am accused of “having a pity party.” But then I was reminded by your words that God understands, that instead of sharing with those who don’t care, I can share with Him because He cares.

  6. Beverly Rodriguez
    Beverly Rodriguez says:

    thank you for your honesty it helps those of us going thru a hard time and not knowing where to turn with the people of God

  7. Martie koffler
    Martie koffler says:

    what about feeling lonely when your married? I am not close to my husband. Why did you divorce? How did you know it was The Lord telling you what to do? I understand that The Lord is our everything but I also believe that God gave us people to love us unconditionally also.There is a physical need too, not? maybe my expectations are too high. I personally know I would have been dead without Jesus. Interesting that a person can be with someone and feel alone. I know my husband loves me, but we don’t have a “relationship” . Thanks for reminding us how wonderful Jesus is.

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      I understand your pain and loneliness. I am sorry. Loneliness in a marriage is very hard.

      You might want to pick up a copy of my book, In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart. It addresses much of what you have brought asked. Let me know…

      Have you considered counselling as a couple. But if he won’t go, you can still go. Get help for yourself. Take care of you.


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