Taking the plunge

I had a challenging 3 days in British Columbia with a group of writers, publishers, thinkers – people who were strangers to me when I got there. But it wasn’t long before we were all bonded friends. One thing that did it was leaping 20 feet into glacial water. I vowed I would be the little old lady huddled under a blanket while the others leapt from the ledge into glacial waters. But…I did not want to be out done by young whippersnappers!

When the boat arrived at the rock, I jump off and hurried to the ledge, asked a few questions as to where to jump – how to best approach it – then JUMPED! Before I could let reason rule the day. Wow! The water came straight from the glacier and it was bone-numbing cold! Jumping from 20 feet also jarred these old bones! I’ve been on Advil ever since! Would I do it again? Maybe….I was told on the last night, “You’re a feisty lady.” Good! My mother was, too.









It was a terrific gathering of thinkers, writers, publishers… We had time for introspection guided by Donald Miller. Worship led by Ian Cron. Fun organized by the Goff family. Small group discussion lead by open hearts – transparent about what was happening in their lives. Such an encouragement to me. The first day as we were winding our way to the water taxi, I was challenged by Luke Hendrix who said the words, “submit” and “trust”. Those are my struggle areas but it was clear to me that God wanted me to meditate on those while there. How did Luke know? 🙂

While there wasn’t time for “rest” as in sleep and being inert, it was a great change of pace. I found a kindred spirit in Henry Cloud who had come hoping for inert-ness, like me. But we found so much more.

I will share more but for now I just had to brag about my jumping off the ledge!! 20 feet! Hooray for me!! I took the plunge and am so glad I took the risk. Reminds me of that great book by Mark Batterson, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. All about risks and growing through them. I think I grew a lot on this trip.

I owe so much to those who encouraged me. Accepted me where I was. Allowed me to be transparent about my journey. Prayed for and with me. Laughed and cried with me. They didn’t offer advice they just listened and loved.

Like I want the Church to be. Like the Church was meant to be.

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  1. Marlene Palser
    Marlene Palser says:

    Oh, how wonderful! How exciting! Thank you for setting such great examples for all of us… you took the plunge with God setting a literal example for us and what a trip it has been! Now you took the “Polar Plunge” and since we are not there to jump and gasp with you, we can use it as a metaphorical example to “just keep jumping in”! How we love you, Ruth!
    Marlene and your Wisconsin groupies are ‘jumping in’ right behind you!

  2. Donna M.
    Donna M. says:

    Wow! That was quite a plunge! Those two words SUBMIT and TRUST happen to be the words I sometimes seem to forget when I find myself in the middle of a storm. I get so caught up in the mess and try myself to make things right. When I take a breath and remember that our powerful Lord is bigger than all the mess and all I need to do is to
    SUBMIT and TRUST what a burden is removed and replaced with a blessing!
    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. Karyn Brownlee
    Karyn Brownlee says:

    I’m so inspired by your jump, and also by the good report of another transparent meeting with other thinkers, movers and shakers like you. Thanks for submitting to God’s charge and trusting in Him to shake up His Church. We need it! Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Bob
    Bob says:

    In the U.K. we call this tombstoning, I wonder why? You certainly add a bit of style and
    ( grace ) to it , glad you survived the ordeal , God bless you Ruth.

  5. Kim B. Johnson
    Kim B. Johnson says:

    Ok, I always thought you were an amazing woman, jumping from cliffs now confirms that as fact. Good for you!!! You inspire me – my sons just jumped out of an airplane and want me to join them next time. Hmmmmmmm….

    Yes, trust and submit… In just the last few months where I have seen my prodical son come back to the Lord, I have to say that submitting to God’s way of loving him unconditionally (which was sometimes so very hard when I knew he was so wrong) and trusting that God would be faithful to complete the work He had begun in my son many years ago, made all the difference.

    If we could truly grasp how wide and long and wide and deep is the love of Christ.

    God Bless you, Ruth, in big ways as you continue to minister to others. Kim


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