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I am going on a “spiritual retreat” today at 10 AM until Tuesday 2 PM. This will be a new experience for me and am asking God to speak to my heart and mind. As you all know these have been busy, stressful months and I desperately need quiet down time. There is a nearby monastery that provides quietness and privacy. I am looking forward tot he solitude. I am only taking my Bible, journal and  Into the Depths with God by Calvin Miller.

I ask that you pray I would hear God’s voice as I seek His direction and wisdom. I need rest and refreshing.

It would be good to hear from those of you who have done such a retreat to write and tell me of your experience and what God taught you through it. I certainly will report back to you.

On perhaps a selfish note – I hope it isn’t selfish – would you please pray that my home sells. With Greg unable to work and do the manly chores I just can’t keep up with it all. It’s a huge burden and stressor. The housing market – like everywhere else – is not good here. It has to be God’s doing. Again, I’ll report back on what happens.

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  1. Marlene Palser
    Marlene Palser says:

    Spiritual retreat… great plan! Our family and church ladies group, your Wisconsin Groupies, will be in heavy duty prayer for you while you are “retreating”! My experience at a ‘silent’ prayer week end retreat is a cherished time in my life and in my spiritual growth. I must say at first I had trouble “settling in”; my mind kept kept wandering, thinking about the ‘to do’ list that was waiting for me at home. After a time, when I focused on the scripture and set my mind on God, a peace came over me and the rest of the week end was a wonderful relaxed time of listening and learning and soaking in God’s love and guidance. I had been praying for many months about my right knee that needed a super natural healing; I went home pain free. Each person there had a different experience, but we all agreed it was a super valuable time that was spent reviving our awareness of the importance of getting away and being alone with God… “Be still and know that I am God!” (NIV) or “Attention, all! See the marvels of God! Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.” (The Message) Ruth, so glad you are “stepping out of the traffic” for a few days!

  2. Margaret Anne
    Margaret Anne says:

    Praying!!! Just read today’s Streams in the Dessert Devotional. Praying that you will hear from the Lord very clearly.

  3. Janet Heckel
    Janet Heckel says:

    I am praying for you Ruth and I will pray for your house to sell. These are tough times and I have had a very stressful year also with a sick husband. I love your blog.

  4. Ann McElroy
    Ann McElroy says:

    Dear Bunny,

    I am praying at this moment…10:42 am on Monday…that you will hear the voice of the Lord, as you clear your mind and wait on Him. I know He wants us to be more available to Him every day, but the rush of life pushes Him away. I am praying for my own life, that I would give Him some “real time”. I know He is going to speak to you during this 24+ hours over today and tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear what He shares with you!


  5. Tim Sanville
    Tim Sanville says:

    I had a Spiritual Retreat at The Cove in July 2010. It was by far the most moving time in my life, with my Lord and Saviour. I was move to tears even as I drove up the long road to the Training Center. I truely felt the presence of God for the 3 days that I spent there. I have been a Christian for 44 years and I have never felt the love the God has for me until I was truely alone in his presence. Ruth, you played a major roll in that time alone with God. I was lead to purchase your book “In Every Pew There Sits a Broken Heart”. There were many many things that you share in that book that really hit home for me and the struggles I have had in life. The time alone with God was was the most important and impactful time I have ever had as a child of the King

  6. Lisa Griffeth
    Lisa Griffeth says:


    It’s not at all selfish to ask others to pray for your house to sell. I am so sorry that it has become too much of a burden on you, and I know that it is a sacrifice to have to give up your lovely home. One that you can lay at the foot of the cross. You have my increased prayers.

    In His love,

  7. Danny Nicholson
    Danny Nicholson says:

    I am praying with expectation for your time of solitude and renewal. I pray that God will bring renewal and a refreshing of your soul. Ruth, you are a gift to others…..you are a gift to me. The deceiver would like nothing more than for you to become discouraged. He know the impact and influence waiting at the edge of your faith. He will try to make you feel despair but we both know what lies on the other side of His blessing. I just want you to know that I love, respect, and appreciate your example and I am anxious to hear how God renews you and brings you out of this time stronger and more ready to serve than ever before. I look forward to seeing you soon. God Bless…..You will probably leave the monastery doing the SNOOPY dance!!



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