End of the World

I have  had a week at home! Hooray! I found someone to wash my windows – they hadn’t been done since we moved in, I’m ashamed to say.  Someone else cleaned the gutters. I have been able to get into the yard and pull, trim, plant…do all the things that needed doing. And I know with all the rain and warmth we have had I’ll have to do it all again! Things never stay “done”.

We had very heavy rain while I was away – the roof leaked causing damage to the kitchen ceiling…now I have to find a roofer and someone to repair the ceiling. Nothing seems to stay done!

That’s why Jesus’ cry from the cross is so remarkable. “It is finished!” Never to have to be done again. Our salvation is accomplished! Let us worship Him.

Just a comment on the “end of the world” expectation by some last week. I was sort of looking forward to hearing my name called and  the trumpet blast!  But no man knows the time or the hour – only God. So in the meantime, I know God’s timetable is right on schedule and He will call our names at the right time. Whether as individuals in death or collectively in the rapture. (Please no long dissertations about eschatology!) What we have to do is make sure He is our personal Savior and live for Him each day as best we can so that when He does call we are ready.

“We according to his  promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.” (II Peter 3:13-14)

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  1. Kay
    Kay says:

    Happy to hear you have a little time at home! Amen to comments and thanks for the good reminder about our daily walk being the best preparation to meet Jesus – whenever that may be!

  2. Lisa Griffeth
    Lisa Griffeth says:

    Oh Ruth, I can empathize with your comment that things seem to never stay done. I had a massive magnolia tree cut down a few days leading up to the end of the world prediction and while they were taking it down one of the branches decided to embrace my house by crashing through one of my kitchen windows. It turned into a real ordeal getting it repaired. Then, I discovered that my roof had some shingles broken and missing as a result of the tree rubbing against it over time. Did I mention that I am a widow and alone. And sadly, men DO try and take advantage of us. Anyway, I got so frustrated that I told the Lord that if the world was about to end could He not show me a little mercy and come a day earlier. I felt His smile knowing that He does indeed have a sense of humor. Beloved Bunny, hangeth thou in there!

    All blessings,

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      Boy! Can I relate. I have a man in the house but he is unable to do the things you need a man to do. But for years I did live alone and so I sympathize. I remember one fall a hurricane was headed my way – here in Virginia we just get strong winds and heavy rain. But I was scheduled for a speaking engagement in Wisconsin. I moved all the “outside” stuff I could life to safety. As I pulled out of the driveway to go to Wisconsin I asked the Lord to put a guardian angel at each corner of the roof. If you read my blogs then you know my house was surrounded by big tall oak trees as well as tall pines I was afraid one would fall.

      While in Wisconsin I got a phone call from my son-in-law to tell me a tree had fallen. When I got home I went to examine the damage. That tree fell right between the corner of the house and my rose garden – minimal damage.

      In my imagination I could just see that guardian angel on the corner of my roof tell that tree, “No, unh-unh, you can”t fall on this house how ’bout lying down right over there.” And it did!

      In the years since I have remembered that incident as a reminder for me that God cares for me. And if the tree had hit the house, I still would know that He cares for me.

      Another year I had flooding – but that’s another story!


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