Seeds of Hope and Joy

Well, October’s bright blue weather has faded to gray rain. But boy, did we have some gorgeous weather for 2 weekends in a row! I went down to see my father last weekend – the drive over the mountains was spectacular – the leaves must have been at their peak. Lots of people on the highway sightseeing and the mountains didn’t disappoint. Everything was in a golden light.

My father was doing well…weaker but in good spirits. His new book came out yesterday. Sadly, someone tampered (not the publisher) with his manuscript so it isn’t exactly as he wanted. My father had wanted a book for the unbeliever…not hit them up with Bible verses and “god-talk” but instead tell about his aging process and give practical helps. Then towards the end of the book give the plan of salvation. The way it has been redone it starts off with Bible verses and “god talk.” I think it grieved him but he always thinks the best of people. I have to admit I am angry about it – this could be his last book and to have someone change it is unconscionable. However, I encouraged him to start working on another one.

This week I was reading Psalms 126:5-6. “Those who sow in tears with reap with joyful shouting. He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.” What hit me was the fact that this man was weeping and sad  but he carried his bag of seed. I see that as a statement of hope. Seed has promise…and he did not let that go even when the circumstances were difficult. God honored that. When we are sad, we can’t see ahead, sometimes we want to give up – even on God. But God honors those who don’t quit even as tears course down their face. If we keep faith and trust in Him in the darkest of times he will honor it. And joy will result.

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  1. Kim B.
    Kim B. says:

    I really needed to read this post! Thank you for your words of wisdom! I’m sorry to hear that someone took it upon themselves to “edit” your dad’s book. Such a shame & hopefully that person is convicted that what they did is wrong & at least apologize to your dad. Maybe God knew that by that happening that would be the push your dad needs to write one last book? 🙂 Blessings!

  2. Marilyn Orton
    Marilyn Orton says:

    It make me sad that your father was grieved. His book was a labor of love and viewed as his “last book.” Perhaps this came about to spur him on to “another last book.” How wise of you to present it to him in that way. Perhaps he needs to not see his life’s work as being finished, but that he has a new beginning in writing something that will bless the world far more than he can ever imagine.

    Being the great man of God that He is I pray that He sees the change as part of God’s plan, for He allowed it. As in so many things in life what appears to be a burden is actually a blessing. I pray that this is the case, even though we may not know what that blessing is until eternity.

    I am enclosing a website below that is an outgrowth of Amsterdam 86 where, while working with Millie Dienert in the prayer rooms, I met hundreds of itinerant evangelists. I wrote to them for 18 years before I saw them again. For many years, on your Father’s Birthday I sent him send some of the letters as a “Birthday Present.”

    Millie, at age 89, went to Nigeria with me in 2006 to start the organization Women of Worth. I am not sharing this to spotlight an organization, Ruth. I want to share this with you with the hope that you will share this with your father this year for his Birthday present.

    Because of his vision for Amsterdam 86 and 2000, WOW now has thousands of coordinators and tens of thousands of women linked together in over 80 countries. Many are from Amsterdam 86 and have been reuntied with others who attended the conference, and now they are working together for the Kingdom of God.

    Perhaps your Father would take joy in knowing that his vision and dream lives on in the lives of countless people all over the world. I hope so. It is a small gift to him but I pray it brings a smile to his face and joy to his heart.

    May God bless you too, Ruth, as you continue to pick up your Father’s mantle to be a shining light to a very dark world.

    much love,

    Marilyn Orton
    Women of Worth International

  3. Danny Nicholson
    Danny Nicholson says:

    Perfect timing for me too Ruth!! thanks for the encouragement. Its true…just hard to remember when we are standing in a pool of tears. I love and appreciate you. Wishing you all good things and I hope to see you soon.
    God Bless you my friend…..


  4. jessiesomerville
    jessiesomerville says:

    Thank you Ruth for your encouraging words, always so nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. My husband and I went to SC for our vacation this year and drove up to Charlotte to visit the library. What a blessing it was to walk through the garden and your Dad’s home but I was truely overwhelmed with the tour and the history of your Dad’s ministry. Just the simplicity and the purity of the way he presented the gospel was so impacting and refreshing it brought such a peace and a deeper understanding for me. With so much new and improved revelation in the world today bringing so much confusion, it was so uplifting to hear the gospel in such pureness and clarity. The presence of God was so poweful that I was in tears after the tour and one of the prayer team asked if we wanted to commit our lives to Jesus. I bought so many books that we had to unload them out of our overweight check-in bags into an extra bag but the people at the airport were blessed as they viewed all the books and we got to share about our trip to the library. Looking forward to your Dad’s new book but so sorry someone did that, I’m sure the annointing will still be there. Our God is still bigger.
    Blessings to you and would sure love to see you again.

  5. Camille
    Camille says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad’s book being tampered with. We have been so blessed by your family through the years. And thank you for encouraging us.

  6. Lynne
    Lynne says:

    I just purchased your dad’s book last night, on my Kindle. While I haven’t started reading it yet, I am saddened to know that it isn’t exactly as he wrote it. What gave this person or persons the right to make changes?

    My father, while more than a decade younger than yours, is slowly entering the shadowy world of old age and the disrespectful treatment that can accompany it. When we are in a restaurant, the server often ignores Dad and asks me what he wants to eat. My father is still perfectly capable of reading the menu and placing his own order. He is greeted at the bank and pharmacy not as “Mister Lastname” but by demeaning endearments such as “honey” and “sweetie.” He doesn’t like it, but he won’t make a fuss.

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      Yes, it is sad to see them age and the way some people talk down to them. I can only imagine…it is also very difficult when their voices are over ridden by others whose voices are louder and stronger. The wisdom in my father’s whispers out shouts any others. If others could just be quiet and listen to the great wisdom that comes from experience and years of grace.


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