Junking and Brunswick Stew

We have been enjoying October’s bright blue weather. The leaves are beginning to change – a beautiful time of year. Warm days, cool nights. Time to change summer clothes for winter ones. I get a sort of nesting instinct when fall comes – it is a cozy time of year.

This weekend Noelle and I did our bi-annual trip to the local antiques fare. Vendors come from all over the region – so much fun to search for treasures. I think I picked this love up from my mother – we used to spend days and hours “junking”. She gave me a love for old things – her taste was more to the primitive, mine is a bit more “Williamsburg”. Regardless, it is fun to look. Each year I try to find a fun gift for my son for Christmas. One year I got him a 3-legged stool and he kept telling me I had given him a broken stool, one year I gave him a beautiful wooden bread bowl; he saw it as a short canoe. So the next year I found a short oar! Several years ago I gave him a beautiful “ram truck” hood ornament. (He is a truck man.) He is too young to remember the handsome car symbols that proudly rode in front on the hood. I found something fun this year but can’t tell you since he may read this!

Noelle and I also look for the stupidest gift we can find to give to really good friends who share our zany sense of humor.

I had friends for dinner last night (my first guests in my new home) – I had made a pot of Brunswick stew…very good even if I do say so myself! (recipe to follow) We enjoyed good conversation and sharing each others’ lives – there just is no substitute for good friends with whom you can be yourself and feel totally at ease.

I am beginning to see daylight through the boxes – I cannot unpack my books because for now there is no place to put them. All in time. My granddaughter came by to see me with her mother and was excited that I now have a guest room and she has a place to come have a sleep over. (I bought a Serta mattress from Big Lots – my favorite store!!)

I enjoy making a home for my family. I am quite sure God enjoys getting our home ready for us. He said He is preparing a place for us! I can’t wait to see it. We used to tease mother that when she got to heaven and didn’t see a log cabin, she’d come back. Well, she hasn’t come back so I imagine her Lord, prepared a cozy little cabin for her and it was waiting for her.

Brunswick Stew

Boil a whole fryer in a large pot until meat is falling off the bone.

Take chicken out to cool. Cool the broth and skim off the fat.

Debone the chicken and add to broth then


1 tub of Curly’s (or other brand) pulled pork barbecue (usually found in the lunch meat section). Make sure it has the sauce with it.

1  14 1/2 oz can diced tomatoes

1 regular size package of frozen corn

1 regular size package frozen butter beans

1 chopped onion

12 oz. ketchup

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

1/8 cup of packed brown sugar

1 Tblsp. hot sauce

salt and pepper to taste.

Bring to a boil then simmer for several hours.

It makes a lot! And can be frozen.





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    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      Thank you for asking. I recently replied to this question. Greg’s progress is nothing short of a miracle considering where he was a year ago. He is healing in many ways – some days are good some not so good. He is able to drive and take care of himself. His sons and little dog give him great joy. It all takes time. Ruth

  1. Nell Tiller
    Nell Tiller says:

    I love the fall colors and cool nights making one hungry for Brunswick stew! As I was growing up in Georgia it was a necesity at this time of year, but we barbecued our own hogs!

    Just wanted to mention that I had just read this blog when I heard an NPR interview with your sister, Ann. Wow, how things have changed since we were teens.

    I went to a Woman’s College where they still taught Home Economics. And, as a member of the Baptist Student Union, I went to many conferences both in Georgia and at Ridgecrest. The sermons I heard were instruments to call me out to serve God through the gift of Christ. I can remember getting very indignant over the discrepancy in what I heard from “the men of God” and what I felt in my heart. It is too long a story to tell but I found God’s calling and it is just as real as the one my minister husband has. I learned Spanish and now I have spent 40 years teaching others about culture and language and about being friends in many circumstances. And, in retirement my mission will continue in direct conversations and relationships both with Hispanics and others.

    It is reaffirming to hear the daughters of one of the greatness ministers find their calling as ministers also! When you see Ann, tell her Blessings from me.

    Nell Tiller

  2. Kim B Johnson
    Kim B Johnson says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Can’t wait to try the new recipe, thanks for sharing. And thanks for sharing your life with us. About 6 years ago when my daughter came home at Thanksgiving and told my husband and I that she was pregnant with twins, I read your book “I’m pregnant, now what.” What a help it was to me. When my best friend and children’s ministry partner went through a very difficult time within the church, I read “In Every Pew sits a broken heart” and gleaned so many helpful truths. Recently I picked up a copy of “Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already there”, God’s timing is always perfect because my daughter with the twins just found out that her husband has been having an affair and “doesn’t know what he wants.” Yeah, it’s a mess and I ask anyone who is reading this to pray because we are believing that God is a BIG God, that NOTHING is too hard for Him and that NOTHING is impossible and we are fighting for a soul.

    But I just have to tell you, Ruth, that I had just read the 3rd chapter of Fear Not… about not always feeling God’s presence. That’s where I was and I too, love to be outside and could really understand when you described being outside and walking on the beach. I love that too. Right now I’m in Florida with my daughter and when she goes off to work, and the girls go to school I go for a run. Yesterday as, I ran I was talking to God and saying “I still believe, even though I don’t even sense You are here, I still believe that You are in control, and You love us all and that You will get glory from this situation. As I ran I looked over and there was a rainbow. I had to smile and I thanked God for His creation and letting me know that He is with me always. As I ran along and thanking Him for His faithfulness even when I am not always faithful, I looked again at the rainbow and there in the beautiful Florida sky was a double rainbow. As I say to my daughter ofter, “Isn’t that just like God? Have a wonderful and God blessed day. And thanks again!!!


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