Is My Brother a Bigot?

An opinion writer at the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, wrote an opinion criticizing my brother, Franklin Graham, for saying that Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s homosexual lifestyle is a sin.

She quotes a Robert Jones from the People’s Religious Research Institute, “While Franklin Graham has not changed his tune on LGBT rights in decades, the American public has. Graham’s recent comments about Pete Buttigieg are strongly out of step not only with the country as a whole but with most Christians.”

As believing Christians, we do not get our convictions from the most recent polling data. That changes from day-to-day, year to year. Our convictions do not have to be in step with the American public. Our convictions are based on the Word of God.

Ms. Rubin writes:”Graham’s generation may be the last that condemns gay marriage. The PRRI report found that 53 percent of young white evangelical Protestants (ages 18 to 29) favor the legality of same-sex marriage, compared to just 25 percent of white evangelical seniors. Nearly 6 in 10 young Republicans (ages 18 to 29) favor the legality of same-sex marriage, compared to only 28 percent of Republican seniors.”

Have we lost biblical convictions to political correctness and our own standards? Is there no higher authority? Are our standards based on polling? Popularity? Feelings? Our own opinions? I fear so.

I once asked a young UVA student what her world view was. She said she just wanted to be kind to everyone. There was no acknowledgement of an absolute power and higher authority than herself. This is how our young people are making decisions. Is that the right way?

In the book of Judges in the Bible, it says over and over again that “every man did what was right in their own eyes.”(Judges 17:6) That is where we are. We are doing what is right in our own eyes – from same-sex marriage to post-birth abortion. We are calling good evil and evil good.

My convictions, and my brother’s are based on what God says in the Bible. Franklin wasn’t just stating his opinion – I don’t much care what his “opinion” might be ’cause it could change. But Franklin was quoting what God says. Ms. Rubin’s argument isn’t with my brother but with God Himself.

God says homosexuality is a sin – as is adultery, murder, lying – a sin that can be forgiven.

But God will hold us accountable for our sins as a nation and as individuals when we thumb our noses at His absolute truth as revealed in His Word.


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