Hornet’s Nest and Prayer….

My brother, Franklin, certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest! Let me tell you something – he’s been that was since he was a young boy – he could make all three of his older sisters cry at the same time and he’d be grinn’ like a Cheshire cat!

Be he asked for prayer for President Trump. The Bible says we are to pray for those in authority – that includes Mr. Trump, Mr. Pence, Mrs. Pelosi, Mr Schumer and Mr. McConnell. And any other leader you want to add. They could all use it.

We should be praying for Kim Jung Un, Isis and radical Islamists, too.

I have a sense that the weight of the Presidency is heavy on Mr. Trump. Perhaps he started out on a lark but it is much bigger than any man or his ego. It is a God-given authority and responsibility. I get the sense – not from anything I’ve heard or know – that it weighs heavy on him and getting heavier.

You may not like him but he’s the man God put in place for this time in our country.

The fact that he showed up at McClean Bible Church and wanted prayer, indicated that he is feeling that weight and he is looking in the right place. There were those that were critical of David Platt for praying for him. My goodness! When can a pastor not pray for someone that asks?

My father would have – and did many times for our presidents. Was he wrong for praying for G.H.W. Bush the night he declared war on Iraq? No. Mr Bush needed the comfort of and wisdom of prayer.

I do hope Mr. Trump seeks out Pastor Platt many times more. And let’s all rally around him. He carries a heavy load and we should be lifting him and all our leaders up in prayer. These are perilous times.

When was the last time you prayed for the President? Vice-President? Mrs. Pelosi? Mr. Schumer? Your Governor? Senator? Mayor?


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