What You Need To Know About Easter

Someone passed this on to me. I thought it was too good to keep to myself!

“The test will cover the last seven chapters”.

Those words or something like them still strike anxiety or fear in me.

It did help a bit if we were told “here is what you need to know”.

It would have been even better yet if another brighter classmate could have taken the test for me.

But now I find I need a substitute test taker for the driver’s test or the eye exam.

There is One who has created us, knows us, loves us, and examines us….and does so through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. He has taken the exam on our behalf and the results are clear, summarized in the bible verse that many of us learned as elementary children, John 3:16.

FOR GOD — The Greatest Deity
SO LOVED — The Greatest Caring
THE WORLD — The Greatest Company
THAT HE GAVE — The Greatest Gift
HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON — The Greatest Perfection
THAT WHOSOEVER — The Greatest Invitation
BELIEVES — The Greatest Simplicity
IN HIM — The Greatest Attraction
SHOULD NOT PERISH — The Greatest Promise
BUT — The Greatest Difference
HAVE — The Greatest Certainty
EVERLASTING LIFE — The Greatest Possession
— Source Unknown

It’s “what you need to know” as we look forward to Easter.

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