Will It Be Too Late?

Sunday night I attended a concert “Melody of One” sponsored by the Comfort My People ministry of Advancing Native Missions. They encourage and advocate for Christian ministries in Israel like evangelism, pregnancy care center, sending of humanitarian goods, discipleship program for Israeli soldiers who have finished their term of service and other vital areas. It is exciting to hear what God is doing.

The music by Aaron Shust (Love Made a Way) and Joshua Aaron was outstanding! What a concert they gave – in a small intimate setting. Very special. Their music is so worshipful because it is biblical. You cannot confuse it with a popular love song, like so many contemporary worship songs, because it powerfully proclaims God for Who He is in His holiness, and majesty. And Jesus as the Redeemer of mankind. No soft fuzzy Jesus – but sin defeating, Satan destroying Redeemer who is coming back.

It seems clear to me that we are in the end days before the Lord’s return. So many signs…The question is, are we ready?
Are we about His work as we watch eagerly for His return? Or does it even cross our minds as we scurry about our day-to-day business?

He is coming. Maybe not today or tomorrow. But He is coming. Either when He comes in power riding a white horse with His eyes of fire or when He comes to you in death. He is coming. You will see Him face to face. Either with horror because you weren’t ready or in great joyful anticipation.

You make the choice this side of heaven. When you see Him, it will be too late. Make your choice now by asking Him to be you Lord and Savior today. It will be the greatest decision you ever make.


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