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This past weekend the Museum of the Bible opened an exhibit about the Bible’s impact on my father’s life and ministry and the emphasis he always put on the Bible. They were gracious to ask me to say a few words about my father “the man” while my nephew, Will Graham, was to say a few words about his grandfather’s “ministry.”

It sort of got twisted around – he thought he was to talk about his grandfather “the man”, and I was to talk about “the ministry.” It didn’t matter. We both shared the impact of the Bible on my father’s life and ministry.

We teased each other because we had both decided to tell the same story about my father. I told Will that since I was going first, I got to tell it! Well, the man who introduced us, got it mixed up and Will got to go first…so he told the story! (Maybe Will bribed him – wouldn’t put it past him!)

I love my nephew, Will. And he told the story much better than I would have, anyway. So it was fine by me.

My two girls, their husbands and seven of my grandchildren joined me in D.C. and we all took the opportunity to tour the museum on Saturday.

It is fabulous. We learned so much about the Bible – but there is so much more to know! It is a fascinating look at a living book. The museum is the most technologically advanced of any museum in the world. There are six floors – chucked full of treasures, antiquities, scrolls, tablets, Bibles – all presented in such an excellent way. (Even the impact of the Bible on high fashion!) One of the most convicting displays was the “library” representing the Bibles already translated into a known language – but also, representations displayed of all those that have yet to be translated…Oh my! There is work to be done. Many who have yet to hear the story of Jesus and His love for them.

The museum wants you to engage with the Bible. And we did! It gives a grand overview of the Bible on a first visit then you can certainly dig deeper and take much longer. I felt a bit overwhelmed as we toured eager to linger.

But it truly engaged my grandchildren! Most of them enjoyed the “fly over Washington” which simulated a helicopter, or drone, ride over the city and into it’s building highlighting scriptures that are etched into our nation’s official buildings. However, some in our group suffer from motion sickness…that wasn’t fun for them.

There is a biblical “village” with actors living as they did in biblical times. There are interactive videos. There are light displays. As you enter the lobby, if you look above you, there is a 200 foot LED ceiling that changes displays. There is a permanent collection from the Vatican. There are loaned collections… So much.

Go! And don’t hesitate to take the kids.


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