While We Wait

My daughter called me early this morning to say that my grandson, little Payson, had stopped breathing in the wee hours of the morning and they had to call 911. He was rushed to the local hospital and then transferred to Dupont Children’s Hospital. He is now  in the ICU. I would appreciate your prayers for him and for that little family. So many challenges in these last few month since he was born.

I know God is faithful and loves them more than I do. He has His perfect plan and I must just rest in that fact. I want to rush in and try to fix it – what can I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have to trust God with those I love so dearly.

I am reviewing a good manuscript about a couple who went to China as missionaries in the early 1900s. It makes me recall so many stories my dear maternal grandparents told of bandits and warlords and the faith of the missionaries in the face of hardship, violence and deprivation. But the thing that stands out to me in this story is that regardless of the hardship, in the waiting, they served others. We can too. So often my mind goes to the idea “when this is over…”, “if I can just get to this point…” then I can serve God. No, the journey is more important to God than the destination. God is working in us as we go through life’s process. Is it fun? Not always. It is hard. Yes. We want answers. We don’t understand. But we know God and His character is true and unchanging.

When Job questioned God and God finally responded what He gave Job was His presence. And for Job that was enough. Is it enough for me? You?

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