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Does Anyone Else Have a Problem with This?

The world seems upside down. That which my grandparents didn’t whisper about in the dark is now celebrated on TV. Those that have convictions are mocked, called names, punished. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

We pay taxes to a government that cannot control its spending. They use the money we send to do things we don’t want them to do. They waste so much of it. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

People who could work but choose not to get free stuff from the government and they call them “entitlements”! When did we become entitled? Does anyone else have a problem with his?

Flying the American flag on American soil as become intolerant. Patriots are called bigots or racists. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

What I call “weird”, “abnormal” is celebrated and I am supposed to feel wrong about my values. So-called entertainers push the envelope of decency to applause. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Our government officials are no longer our public “servants” but want to be celebrities. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Tolerance is permitted for everyone but Christians. Christians are attacked for their beliefs and convictions. Mohammed is to be revered but Jesus can be mocked. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Even in my small town there is a camera at every stop light – all across the country these cameras have shown up. We are being watched. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Common sense seems to have left the building. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Our American history is being rewritten. God has been written off. A major political party boos God. Mike Huckabee wrote this this morning: It seems okay to spew hate as long as its directed toward people who hold to Biblical convictions. You can promote homosexuality, pornography, profanity, bigotry toward faith, degradation of women in explicit song lyrics, and recreational drug use with impunity, but God help you if you put in a good word for God. And God better help you because no one else will. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

As I write this I wonder who is watching. Will I be put on some list? As an American I am offended that I have these thoughts. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

I was a Target shopping for my granddaughter’s birthday. They would not let me check out without showing my ID. They could not tell me why. (I now think it was because of the hacking of the computers last December – but they should post a notice of their policy.) Will showing our ID now become commonplace except at the voting both. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

If we don’t begin to speak up soon…

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    The answer is stop voting for the same old people who created this mess our world is in today. People need to change if your reading this then this should help make you really think who you vote for. Or Nothing will change things will only get worse.

  2. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I just finished Precept’s study of Revelation parts 1 & 2 and will begin 3 & 4 in the Fall. It’s like we’re already living in BABYLON. I have to remind myself quite often, this world may appear to be falling apart, but really things are just falling into place. Having said that, I’m not suggesting that we should stick our heads in the sand and not stand up for what’s right. We have to continue to pray and get the salt out of our shakers. Even so, come Lord, come quickly!

  3. mainemia
    mainemia says:

    Lately I have been reading the Minor Prophets during my devotions. As I read them I find myself looking at descriptions of our country today. I also have been reading that we as Christians are the light of the world. Remember the Sunday School song..This Little Light of Mine I’m going to let it shine …hide it under a bushel —NO ! However I think we have become so much into the world that we have allowed our lights to hide under the bushel . We are not to conform to this world ..we are to be transformed ! Have we allowed ourselves to be changed from creepy water bugs to beautiful dragon flies — or catepillars transformed into butterflies ? Lets each of us find ourselves on our knees seeking forgiveness as we ask Him again to refine us that our lights may once again shine. Let us turn our world upside down for Jesus !

  4. Linda Geant
    Linda Geant says:

    Dear Ruth,

    This is a different topic.
    Can you tell me, would you know, why there was no Christian presence either physically or verbally against the satanists at Harvard regarding the black mass that thank God was canceled. If there was objection it was not made publicly.

    I’m being berated by my R Catholic friends who are furious other Christian Ministers/Groups/Church’s did not speak out in unity. I totally understand and am disappointed and worried myself.

    Regardless that it is the R Catholic Mass that is being denigrated, the premise of the black mass is to mock God & Christ and worship satan, which ALL Christians need to stand up against.

    Can you answer this or help me to understand why there was not a unified front against the satanists?

    This certainly is not the last the satanists will try. They’re just getting revved up. I’m sure they don’t even consider this a defeat but more just priming the public for what is coming.

    The non-Catholic Christian community AND the Roman Catholic Church need to be in conferences and form a unified front for what is coming. Is there any way such a Conference could exist?

    Thank you !

    LJ Geant

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      Dear one,
      I did not read or hear of a Christian protest. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t one. The mainstream media ignores that sort of news. I am sure all that were aware of it were praying like mad. I rejoiced when it was cancelled. No, I am sure satan will try again. He works subtly and persistently. The war is won but we have to go fight the battle!

  5. Rhonda T. B.
    Rhonda T. B. says:

    Yes, Ruth…there are serious problems with all the above.
    The Bible tells us times like these will occur. It can still be disheartening.
    Our forefathers & foremothers did not sacrifice & die for our Christian country for it to come to this.
    We must continue to address these issues as warriors…for we are surely at war against the “principalities & darkness of the air” & “the darkness in the hearts”.
    Thank you, so veRy much, for your strong stand against these ancient ‘turnings away’ from God’s Word.
    Prayers to you and your family and expecially for your Father, Billy Graham. 0//
    I think of him & your family everyday.
    Thursday my church group, MSUMC, KV, will be at his Charlotte museum.
    God bless you all during these times.
    Rhonda B.


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