The Blessings that Remain

So many of us face a Thanksgiving with one missing from the table. I have a dear Aunt Rosa who was a blessing to our family but recently went to Heaven. We wouldn’t want her back but we will miss her terribly – not just now but, in the days, months, years to come.
I read this a while back and wanted to pass it on to you – to all of you that have an empty place at the table this Thanksgiving. May we pause and think of all the blessings that remain.
May God grant you His peace and comfort.


There are loved ones missing
From the fireside and the feast;
There are faces that have vanished
There are voices that have ceased;
And we know they passed forever
From our mortal grief and pain –

And we thank Thee, Heavenly Father,
For the blessings that remain.
Thanksgiving, Oh, Thanksgiving!
That their love once blessed us here,
That so long they walked beside us,
Sharing every smile and tear;
For the joy the past has brought us,
But can never take away –
The sweet and gracious memories
Growing dearer every day;
For the Faith that kept us patient –
Looking at the things, unseen,
Knowing Spring will follow Winter,
And the earth again be green;
For the hope of that glad meeting
Far from mortal grief an dapin;
We thank Thee, Oh our Father
For the blessings that remain.


Have a wonderful Thanskgiving.

With Love,

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  1. LB
    LB says:

    Thankful for this blog that gets real. Thankful a loved one was protected from taking their life. Thankful for a supportive church. Thankful for heat this year. Thankful for enough left over to help those hurting worse. Thankful God takes all these pieces and make a whole.


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