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Should Evangelicals Condemn Homosexuals?

It seems that the issue of homosexuality has been front and center – of politics, healthcare, churches…almost everywhere.

I think it is a smokescreen meant to divide.

Especially in the Church. I saw it happen in my own local church. The issue thrown around which got everyone all riled up was “homosexuality” but that wasn’t the real issue. Since everyone was all stirred up, they couldn’t see the real issue. It was very sad but it is happening all over this country in many and varied ways.

I don’t believe the role of politics is to rewrite history or undermine traditional values. I don’t think government should be in my medical file or overrule my doctor’s educated wisdom of my care. The Churches’ main concern is for the Gospel – in all areas. The Gospel is good news for personal faith and salvation. It brings good news to politics as people are drawn together to solve problems honestly and with equity. It brings good news to health care as it leads the way in mercy.(There was no concern for the poor and infirmed before the Gospel.) But its business is not condemnation. The Gospel is good news for sinners of every stripe and shape.

“Run, John, run, the law commands

But gives me neither feet nor hands.

Far grander news the Gospel brings.

It bid me fly and gives me wings.”

John Erskine or John Bunyan

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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    I do understand what you are saying, but here is my burden about homosexuality. My brother is a very well liked pastor in CA. He himself is living the lifestyle of a homosexual. This past October he and his partner got married. Now mind you this was a man who married a beautiful Christian girl, had 3 wonderful children and right before their 25th wedding anniversary decided it was time to “come out of the closet” and proclaim his true identity. His lifestyle and his churches belief is all open and affirming. I struggle every day with this and keep him in deep prayer. I’ll never understand that lifestyle and struggle how he can stand up on a pulpit and preach the word of God and live the way he does……I could go on and on….but I pray…..

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      But I assume you are not condemning your brother – you are agonizing with him – and the family he left behind. These are really tough issues and really tough struggles that cannot simple be dismissed with condemnation.
      I guess I want to foster discussion on both sides rather than shut it all down with condemnation. Not that I condone…
      I am so sorry for your heartache. Know that God’s heart hurts, too.

  2. Diana Gresham Stratton
    Diana Gresham Stratton says:

    Ruth, I believe that homosexuality is a sin. I believe we are to love the person but hate the sin. I do not have a problem with them visiting the church but I do not believe they should be allowed to join the church. Our churches should be left alone from the government and they should quit being a feel good preacher who sells their soul’s to money. I admire Franklin standing up for what God says and what the consequences will be if they don’t accept Jesus.

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      Thank you, Diana. The point is not to condemn the person… It’s a fine line we walk. But let’s do it with humility because we are all sinners and with grace since we are recipients of the same.
      Condemnation doesn’t open a door.

  3. Wlker Smith
    Wlker Smith says:

    Ruth, I am new here ….I saw you on the Glen Beck Program and have since read your previous posts and more importantly the conversations that follow. I very much enjoyed that interview and will come to any speaking engagements that you have planned in my area. I think the Word teaches, Old and New Testament, that homosexuality is a sin. As with other sin, it then becomes an issue of the heart and making a choice, however, difficult and painful and lonely it is for the individual. God always meets those needs when we choose Him. It seems so strange that the issue of celibacy is never a choice in these discussions. I do not expect the “world”…..government to understand that but among Believers it should be at least considered as a possibility.

  4. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I agree, Christians should never be condeming of others.
    But make no mistake, there is a “gay agenda” that says, anyone who doesn’t affirm their lifestyle is being unloving. Well, I have to agree with Dr. John MacArthur who says the most loving thing you can do for any homosexual is tell them the truth as stated in the Word of God. He has many in his congregation who have come out of that deceptive lifestyle and who are now walking in the complete freedom of Christ.

  5. Nell Tiller
    Nell Tiller says:

    Dear Ruth, It has taken me several days to get to the point that I finally want to respond. Number one: it is not tantamount to being Christlike to condemn anyone. Jesus did not condemn the hated Samaritan woman at the well, nor the woman awaiting stoning for her promiscuous activity. He said, “IF any man ( not woman) man here is without sin and condemns her then throw the stone. ” NOT one did. And he told her to walk away and sin no more.

    It is not my prerogative to condemn anyone. Christ himself will be court and jury.

    I will also venture to say, that issues of homosexuality are issues for Christ. As someone pointed out: “the most loving thing we can do” is tell them about Christ. That story is He came to get out of the mode of it is the law, to the mode of “you are saved by grace.” Salvation and Grace are followed by living a life full of acceptance and gratitude, followed by serving mankind in a loving, caring, giving mode, and telling others about this gift that came from God.

    Acceptance of the person ( not their sexual orientation) is the mission of Christ. I accept you the way you are. I could condemn you, but that is not the mission. God loves all his people, not just Christians.

    And, there were many acts of help with the poor and the infirm,even before Christ.

    I try not to condemn anyone. If I were called to sit on a jury with my peers in a court of law, I would have to think hard before condemning a person for whatever act. Sure, I would be angry, sad, concerned, but condemnation is Christ’s.

    There is no agenda to break or cause a church to become disrupted. That happens when the people want to condemn.

    Enough…May God’s blessings be for all the people

    Nell Tiller

  6. isaiah
    isaiah says:

    as a gay Christian myself, I often find myself torn on this issue. I believe homosexual lifestyle is a sin. but I also believe in loving the sinners, because I once was a sinner ( not just any kind of sinner, but a gay one), even now I am saved, I still struggle every day. So I do agree it is not our job to condemn, but to love and to share gospel and hopefully we could be a conduit for Christ to work through.

    I also know what it is like to be gay, to be discriminated against, even to be called a “faggot” which I have been called so many times, I lost count.

    that is why sometimes I get angry when I see how some Christians in the mainstream seem bending on to make gays life miserable. It is one thing to go against gay marriage, it is another to go against anti discrimination measures.

    I suspect if they are able to walk in a gay person shoes, especially a gay teen’s shoes for one day, they’ll probably change their mind.

    In fact, I remember a few years ago, there was this Christian organization in Australia, was trying to advocating that gay men should not given treatment for free, because it is the consequence of their choices (one question, since when non Christians whose eyes have not been opened by God able to make wise biblical choices)?

    I mean while we are at it , should we also impose the same measure on medical conditions that often resulted from unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, such as heart disease, stroke?

    and if we were to impose the above, how many people, including Christians would be affected?

    the amount of cruelty on some born again believers’ part is simply astounding.

    Christians who resort to this type of measures are simply out to punish the gays.

    and one have to imagine the amount of hate one would have to have before they reach the point of wanting to punish another human being that way.


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