It is a beautiful day here in Virginia. We had much needed rain overnight and now the world is sparkling!

Yesterday was a day full of the mundane things that make up life – doctor visit, flu shot, grocery shopping, desk work,  making dinner, helping with homework…I am blessed to have a husband that does all the laundry so that is one chore I do not have to do. And he does a much better job than I do!

I like these breathers between trips – I am a homebody and like the routine of home. It keeps me grounded. And, for me, often God speaks in the mundane. I don’t often have great insights that come to me in times of deep prayer or spiritual discipline. No visions or ephanies – just insights that come in the routine and mundane.  I have discovered that in showing up, being faithful in the routine makes it holy. My mother had a old Scottish saying that still hangs over her kitchen sink, “Divine Services Conducted Here Three Times Daily.” We can make our rountines and the mundane things of life divine by choosing to do it unto Him.

Have a divine day!

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  1. Tim Williams
    Tim Williams says:


    Thanks for your ‘blog’ thoughts. We enjoy reading them. I also enjoy ‘people watching’ here at the Grand Rapids Airport, where I work. My goal is to see someone I know everyday…which usually happens, although Peter Graves hasnt passed thru here yet! Ernest Borgnine did a few weeks ago. And I talked to Joel Stowel yesterday…he’s famous good man (on your fathers board) but he does live here in Grand Rapids now.

    Anyway, hope all is well with you and family. I do most of the dishes at our house. Last week we visited New York City for the first time, then traveled over to Lynchburg to our son Josh at Liberty’s aviation program. We thought of you as we passed thru Charlottesville. Beautiful area!

    I recently sent you a letter regarding our work and ministry in Southern Sudan. (PCCSUDAN.org) I hope I mailed it to the right address of your ministry. When you have time, let me know if you received it. I know you are busy, so no big deal.

    In Christ Alone,

    Tim (and Kim) Williams
    Grand Rapids Airport Police


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