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Noah & Hollywood

I went to the movie theatre to see God Is Not Dead this weekend but when I got to the ticket counter I was too late! That was good news on one level but bad news on another. I was disappointed. Since I was already at the theatre and had the mind-set to see a movie, I decided to see the Noah movie.

I had heard a lot about it but didn’t know anyone who had seen it. So…

The first thing that comes on the screen is a statement over a bleak, dark, brooding scene: “In the beginning was nothing.” That is a lie. “In the beginning God created…”

It went downhill from there.

I kept hoping it would improve. But there are weird-looking creatures made of lava-like stones with fiery eyes that are meant to be sort of “guardians”. They appeared to be bad versions of “transformers”. They are scary. I wouldn’t want them to be guarding me!

It was reported that the producers/filmmakers wanted to be true to the biblical text. They were not. Certain evangelical leaders endorsed the film and said that the filmmakers did a good job representing the biblical text. Phooey! As my Mother would say, “It is the pig’s eye view of the pearl”. They are not reading the same biblical account I am!

There are too many errors for me to list here…it is sufficient to say, I walked out of the film. I kept thinking it might get better but it didn’t. The movie is horrible. I am nonplussed to understand why any evangelical leader would take this film seriously enough to comment on it!

Let’s stick to the accuracy of the scriptures and honor God’s word as authoritative for life.
(II Timothy 3:16-17)

I am hoping to see God Is Not Dead this week. I understand it is quite good and inspirational. I am excited that the biblical themes and subjects are being talked about – the fact that Hollywood is doing it, makes me suspicious. Unbroken is to be released later this year. I wonder how Angelina Jolie will treat Louis Zampirini’s conversion. We will wait and see. Let’s pray that in spite of Hollywood’s slant, the Gospel will be loud and clear.

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  1. debra mazda
    debra mazda says:

    What evangelical would promote that horrible movie protraying Noah as a raving madman and close to baby killer. My bible says NOAH was a righteous man in God’s eyes. What bible do they read!


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