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I'm vintage but, I'm back!

I was unaware that I was “vintage”…on the verge, yes. But already there? Good grief!

On a recent afternoon I was editing an article I wrote when my computer shut down. I booted it up again. It shut down. I booted it up and, again, it shut down. It quit. As in “done”. Nada. Nothing. Gone. Over.

So frustrating. I called Apple. They were very patient as we tried a multitude of fixes. Nothing.

The tech asked me when I bought the computer. I told him I thought about 2007. He then surprised me by saying Apple considers such an old computer as “vintage” – then went on to say they no longer make parts or service such “vintage” machines!!

My only recourse was to buy a new computer…talk about “planned obsolescence”! Unfortunately I have been an Apple user since the early 1990s. I did my college work on the early Mac – the all in one unit. (It took me a long time to finish my BA degree! But that’s a story for another day!) My oldest daughter took it to college and finished her college work on it! Now, that’s vintage!

I even remember the first PC that used the DOS system! That wasn’t so long ago – I didn’t think. But I guess that makes me more than vintage!!

So to the Apple store I went. And after much discussion and going from store to store, I had to buy a new computer. All the while my work was piling up and I was getting frantic. Finally, I found a local place that sold and serviced Apple computers. I,  sadly, could no longer afford to replace the one I had. I called my sister, Anne, who uses Apple products, and asked which one she liked and why.

I settled on a laptop but now have to get a larger monitor so that I am not hunched over… I already have the wireless keyboard and mouse. (They’ll be vintage soon.)

I am not a fan of technology…I use it because I have to. Nothing replaces hand-written notes or phone calls or face-to-face interaction.

Anyway, I am back on-line!

I am so glad God does not determine we are “too old”, vintage”, to rehabilitate, redeem and use for His glory! As a matter of fact, He seems to like “vintage” – think of Abraham, Moses, Elisabeth & Zachariah… Age means nothing to God. He looks for willing and obedient hearts.

Now, when I look at that standard I know I lack but I am a “pilgrim in process” – not yet finished. God isn’t finished with me. He won’t be until He calls me Home! That’s hope!

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  1. grace2u
    grace2u says:

    Do you hav a Best Buy near you that the Geek Squad could take the data/your work off of the “vintage” hard drive and put on your new laptop? Or maybe you backed it up to the iCloud.

    Technology chances faster and faster; tomorrow your new laptop will be “vintage”-lol.

  2. Gail Fuller
    Gail Fuller says:

    Yes, Ruth,  we are “vintage”,   they say vintage wine denotes “quality”……so we are God’s Vintage, because of who HE is in and through us….. With all of your “Apple” disorientation,,,,,,,,,,,,have you been praying for “Zachary”.   We have found there are some possibilities that GRACE, MERCY, FAVOR could be applied…….please continue to pray for Zachary, we know God has a special purpose, and in this situation, God is training and preparing for him, just like when Joseph was sent into prison for a greater purpose….Jer 29:11    thank you Ruth   So happy to see you are now back on-line  🙂   God’s mightiest blessings 4 you! Gail Fuller

  3. Mickey Nilsen
    Mickey Nilsen says:

    Welcome back, Ruth! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and your books over the years, so I guess I’m vintage too. I’m happy about that if it means I’m still here and still plugging away at the pieces left. I love handwritten letters, waiting for a letter to arrive in the mailbox and settling in to read all the good news about everyone; or better yet those hour or two long calls on the phone with my Aunt Shirley. Wouldn’t trade them for anything! I taught the ‘ancient art’ of letter writing to my daughters, but the school system overrode that and their main communication form is still text messaging on their cell phones. Ugh. What resonated with me was that you always say that God still is willing to take those with a willing heart. Mine is worn out after 6 years battling disabling severe nerve pain (alone and on my own), and I’ve become more worn out than vintage. I didn’t expect it to turn out this way, but my ability to shine for the Lord has really dimmed and I fear I’ve disappointed Him a great deal. I haven’t done much in the ministry world as my days are filled with surviving and coping, and I tend to retreat when in pain. I appreciate your writing and am glad you are back on-line. Looking forward to more from you. Blessings until then!!

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      I am sorry for your on-going pain. That does wear one down over time. God understands that. We tend to think He is disappointed in us when, in fact, it is us disappointed in Him! He didn’t do what we expected Him to do. He didn’t fulfill His promises they way we expected Him to. I know I have felt that way time and again…
      we have to adjust our perspective. To live fully we have to live in a double reality – to know our pain and loss and yet, to know His love.
      He does not ask more than we can give – He may stretch us a bit – or a lot. But He knows and understands.

  4. John Lindner
    John Lindner says:

    Well, welcome to the club. In 2014 I purchased a new iMac desktop with a huge 27” screen, and gave my 2009 iMac to my wife, Jo Ann. Then two things happened:

    First off, I had a DVD I needed to look at. I tried in vain to find the DVD player, but there was none. I called the store. “Where’s the DVD/CD player?”

    “Oh, Apple doesn’t put them on computers any more. That’s obsolete technology.”

    Never mind I have a drawer full of CD’s/DVD’s to view.

    So I bought an external DVD drive. I could have bought a cheap one, but decided to buy the Apple product to make sure I got the best—it was also the most expensive.

    Guess what: After about a year a CD got stuck in the drive, and now it, also, is useless. Even the store can’t get it out.

    Never mind that the new computer cost a small fortune. Is this what they mean when the say, “Less is more?” (Less elements on the page usually makes a better design, but in this case, less product costs more!)

    And to top off the whole story: I called Apple about doing an upgrade on my my old iMac (the one my wife now uses), and they said, “It has been maxed out. You can upgrade the internal hardware for $300 or buy a new computer.”

    Thanks a lot!

    John John.Lindner@comcast.net

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      Thank you, Dr. Harris, for your inquiry. I am sorry my reply was delayed I have been out of town.
      I can be reached through my website: ruthgrahamministries.org.
      I look forward to hearing from you.


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