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Dennis Rodman – North Korea

Well…I don’t like to stick my neck out..but here I go…

Dennis Rodman’s citizenship should be revoked. He is a traitor. His behavior flaunts all that America stands for – he is asking for us to stand up and say, “Enough”. He and his ilk are asking, “When will you draw a line?” I say, “NOW”.

Dennis has made a reputation as a “bad boy” – but now he has crossed the line from bad taste to treason. He is singing “Happy Birthday” to one who vows to destroy Americans, not to mention his own countrymen, and executed his own uncle for political power. Kim Jung Un is a bad guy. Really bad guy. It is disgusting. He is starving his own people. Denying them basic human rights. Kim Jung Un is not to be tolerated – nor is Dennis Rodman.

Why do we tolerate this? I for one do not.

Dennis Rodman is not the one to be our ambassador. Many have worked hard, long hours to dialogue with North Korea; to establish a diplomatic relationship in order to ease the hardships now suffered bu the Korean people. Dennis Rodman makes it all so much more difficult. I call on President Obama to deny him re-entry into this country. He has crossed the line. Let him live in North Korea if he loves it so much and is such a close friend of Kim Jung Un. I wonder how long his bad boy antics would last in such a repressive country.

Dennis…stay there!

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  1. Becky
    Becky says:

    Thank you, Ruth, for taking a stand. I just finished reading “Nothing to Envy-Ordinary Lives in North Korea”, a tragic but true story of the systematic starvation and repression of the people of North Korea by their dictator leader. No one who loves freedom and democracy can befriend a tyrant like Kim Jong Un, who promises to be as bad–no, as horrible–as his father before him. We in the US can’t begin to fathom the nightmare these people live. If I watched basketball, I would boycott Rodman’s team. There is little else I can do but add my voice to the protest. The protest should become such a groundswell of American voices that even tone-deaf Rodman and his agent will hear.

  2. Kristi Herendeen
    Kristi Herendeen says:

    As a Michigander, I was a fan of Dennis Rodman during his Pistons’ time period. I also remember the stories which were highly publicized about his downward spiral after Chuck Daley, his coach and father, figure was gone.

    I mention this initially because even though he has been a famous person, has had success at the highest level of a sport which has given him international fame, yet he still hurts and has needs like each of us.

    With his choices as they are and have been according to what we know through the media, one would assume he does not know Jesus. To coin the commonly used phrase: “What would Jesus do?” I believe there is no better time and place than here and now, on this blog, to rally Jesus’ followers and ban together praying for Dennis Rodman, for North Koreans and for their leader.

    God will judge Dennis Rodman, the North Korean leader and the rest of us for exactly whom we are: fallen sinners. Let’s use this public forum for uniting in together in prayer and placing the anger, disappointed, judgements and actions by all of us at the foot of the cross. Only there will this world, Dennis Rodman, North Korean leaders, you and me ever find true and permanent peace.

    • ruthgraham
      ruthgraham says:

      I agree we should pray for him. I agree we are all sinners. But I still believe he is a traitor and not be allowed back into this country. There are consequences for irresponsibe/traitorous (Is that a word?) behavior. What he has done is not acceptable. Think of the huge damage he is doing to the dear North Korean people. He is complicit in their torture.

  3. Bob
    Bob says:

    You are correct in what you say Ruth , he has betrayed his fellow countrymen , There is a saying that goes… ” He that bites the hand that feeds him ends up licking the boot that kicks him.” No excuses will do, he may have had a hard life but he personally declared himself a “bad lad.” and has made his fortune in the land of the free. We tolerate these people at our peril .

  4. LB
    LB says:

    Add to the comments above that in addition to what he is aware of, he is also being used for other evils he is not even aware of, a pawn in a spiritually dark arena.

  5. joanie
    joanie says:

    dennis rodman,. an ambassador to north korea? is this some kind news press for him?
    what a disaster.yep, dennis, stay in north korea. sounds as if you want to belong there.
    no entry back into the united states.


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