Birthdays and Family

Today is my father’s 93rd birthday! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

So many ask me how he is doing. He is just great!

I went home to see him over the weekend as well as to see my mother’s older sister, Rosa, who flew in from Seattle. She’s 94! And my mother’s sister’s widower, John, and mother’s brother’s widow, Peggy. Plus lots of cousins…a fun time. My daughter, Noelle, arranged and organized a spaghetti dinner for Saturday night and we had a blast. Daddy enjoyed himself and stayed for 2 hours! I tried to take pictures but they are out of focus…woe is me.  My son-in-law, Todd, is a professional photographer; he captured the moment…now to get  picture from him!

My father is engaged, articulate and very with it! He even demonstrated for my children and grandchildren his pig call! And, believe me his voice is strong! His sense of humor is in good shape as well as the twinkle in his eyes.

For years we have told Daddy that people want to hear from him. That they miss him. He never did quite believe us figuring he had left the stage and people had forgotten him. Well, we have finally gotten proof that isn’t true. His new book is selling well and he is delighted. It’s given him a new lease on life!  It is so exciting for me to see. I have even told him to begin to think about writing another book entitled “Salvation”. Let’s hope no one tampers with this one.

It was a beautiful drive down from Virginia through the Tennessee Mountains on I 26 to cross over into Asheville. The leaves are passed the peak but sill lovely – the red oaks, the yellow poplars, the green pines…and the blue sky. This is the view from my father’s front yard…notice the children’s red wagon in the foreground.

I enjoyed having both my daughters with me – my son, Graham, is on the N.C. coast helping rebuild after the hurricane so was unable to come. We “girls” had a great time together. My girls have wonderful memories of Montreat when they were young and they want their children to have happy memories there as well. Montreat is a special place – it has been a secure place for them. With all the upheaval they went through after their father and I divorced, Montreat was a very stable and secure place. When all else was in chaos, Montreat was welcoming and safe. We all need/want that kind of place in our lives. My father gave me such a place and certainly my Heavenly Father has given me security and safety.


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  1. Joyce Burns
    Joyce Burns says:

    Hi Ruth, I have listened to Franklin two times talking about your dad’s new book
    he never mentioned any one tampering with it. I am planning toi buy it but this
    disturbs me. Could you please comment. Thanks
    If I ask this before I did not get an answer,

  2. MaryKate
    MaryKate says:

    Happy birthday to your dad, and I’m grateful to God for him and his family. Thank you, Ruth, for sharing some of your day with him with us.

  3. caroltrent
    caroltrent says:

    I had to chuckle when you said your father thinks folks have forgotten him. Ha!!! Never!!!!
    I was at The Cove the end of Sept and he, Cliff and George graced the evening by all three appearing and I have wonderful pictures of them. I was truly blessed by seeing the 3 of them together once again. Your Dad spoke to us, and 2 “clowns” picked on each other for a howling good time. When your Dad arrived, the speaker was speaking and they honored him by silence, but when he was finished and announced, the audience rose to their feet clapping and snapping photos. Oh, he is sooooo loved and respected and honored and will NEVER be forgotten. What a Dad! What a man! What a soul winner!!! Who could ask for more. Love, Carol

  4. Lynne Oliver
    Lynne Oliver says:

    My husband accepted Christ during one of your father’s crusades on tv. He was a young boy in Lutheran catechism and Billy answered the questions this process had raised. I am thankful for your father’s ministry; because of my husband’s conversion, I have a wonderful Christian husband for 45 years now. Also, we have a love for China and her people. We have made 10 trips there since 2000 and are invited to join in some ministries there. I think your Mother’s love of China was one of the factors God used to give us a heart for China.

  5. Pat Sloan
    Pat Sloan says:

    Dear Ruth,
    Happy Birthday to your dad. He has always been such a blessing in my life and will never be forgotten. One of my high school friends was saved at his Knoxville Crusade in 1970. He shares a birth month with my Dad who would have 88 on the 19th. He died following hip surgery in 2008. His last words to all of us before going into surgery was, “whatever happens, it is well with my soul.”

    We are still enjoying the music from Fear Not Tommorrow at FBConcord. The choir sings as least one of the songs almost every sunday. I have the CD and am anxiously awaiting the DVD. I believe the Atlanta primier was this past weekend and many of our folks drove down. I thank God for you and your ministry.

    God Bless You,
    Pat Sloan, Farragut, TN


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