The Last Time I Heard My Father’s Voice

Father’s Day is Sunday! A day to celebrate all the fathers in our lives. Maybe yours was not so good. Maybe even cruel. Neglectful. Abusive. Absent. 

Maybe Father’s Day is something you want to skip over.

Please remember you have a perfect Heavenly Father who adores you. Loves you unconditionally. He thinks you are wonderful. When you mess up He doesn’t hold it against you or berate you. He forgives you freely when you ask for His forgiveness. 

Several years ago, on Father’s Day, I called my father’s home. I dreaded it because I knew it would be a slow, labored process – if he could even hear me – or understand who I was. But I was eager to have him know I loved him and eager to hear his voice.

His kindly caregiver, Grady, answered the phone.  He told me my father was resting quietly but he would wake him. I said no, I’d call back in thirty minutes when he was due for his medications. 

When I called back, Grady again answered and said he would put Daddy’s headphones on him – a device that my father wears attached to a small microphone which enables him to hear better. Grady asked if I could hear him and I assured him I could. I heard him tell Daddy that “Your daughter is on the phone – Ruth is calling”. There was no response. It was quiet. 

Grady kept saying, “Mr. Graham, can you hear? Your daughter is on the phone.” Nothing. I kept asking, “Daddy, can you hear me?” No response. My heart was sad.  He couldn’t hear me or understand. 

Then out of the silence in a strong voice I heard, “I love you.” then all was quiet again. Tears filled my eyes. There was a lump in my throat. I croaked out an “I love you, happy Father’s Day.” I could tell Grady was choked up too. We said a quick goodbye. 

I cried.

What a sweet gift to hear his voice so strong. Reassuring. A treasured memory.

Fortunately, when we call on God He can hear us even before we speak. He knows our thoughts. But he longs to hear our voice calling on Him. He hears and He answers. We don’t need fancy equipment for Him to hear. We don’t need special words. We don’t need to have our theology all lined up correctly.  We don’t need to repeat ourselves or speak loudly. He hears us.

He longs to hear our voice.

Wish Him a Happy Father’s Day! He’ll be happy to hear from you.

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