Taking Daddy Home

These have been remarkable days as we have seen the outpouring love for my father which overflowed to me. Such a blessing to all of us. If you haven’t seen the coverage then I suggest you go to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and watch.

Quite incredible from the motorcade from The Cove to Charlotte – then on to the Capital in Washington where Daddy was honored by “Lying in Honor” in the Rotunda. An honor given to only 4 other people in our history and Daddy is the only clergyman to do so.

Then back to Charlotte to take him home. One final plane ride…it was emotional to see them unload his casket into the hearse for his final trip into Charlotte for the memorial service on Friday.

It was freezing in the tent! Daddy started in a tent in Los Angeles and Franklin thought it would be appropriate. Fortunately, my older sister brought an extra coat for which I was grateful.

Each of us had 3 minutes to speak. I asked the Lord to help me and He did. I felt the freedom from the Holy Spirit to talk of my father’s lasting legacy to me. It touched many hearts for which I am grateful. I want to pass on my father’s legacy of grace.

I stayed until he was buried – even though it was so cold – but I didn’t want him to be alone. I went back the next day to see it all finished and landscaped. At long last Mother and Daddy are side by side!

And they are enjoying all the splendor of Heaven talking with God face to face.

But how do I feel? To be honest I am sort of numb. While it wasn’t unexpected, it was a surprise. I haven’t begun to process all my emotions. I am in “survival mode” doing what needs to be done.

On top of everything else, a tree fell onto my daughter’s house so they have no heat and are staying with me. My refrigerator is on the “fritz”. Not good timing.

So there has not been a quiet time to think. Reflect. But God has been working in wonderful ways and I praise Him that I have seen His hand in a multitude of situations that could have been difficult. God just paved the way.

He keeps His promises of Isaiah 40:4-5.

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  1. Ree
    Ree says:

    Thank you for sharing this today. I continue to pray for your family. Recently I lost my 95 year old friend. This beautiful servant saw heaven at 11:43 p m. She had been with me since I was four years old. I came home after singing at her service and laid down in my husband’s chair and could not move to make dinner. I slept every day for the next few days exhaustion took over for a necessary nap. Night time brought clear focused memories and no sleep. God gives us HIMSELF through the surrendered nature and behavior of these loved ones. Bless you. I came to the Billy Graham library in 2016 . I stood at your mother s grave. I also had a copy made of “Devine Service. ” for my own kitchen sink area because we have four sons and I Am a stay at home mother. The trip was a miracle. We stayed in Asheville and traveled to Montreat We had lunch at Black Mountain north Carolina .

  2. Cathy Graves
    Cathy Graves says:

    I lost my Daddy in December 2014 after a two week hospital stay. It took several weeks before the shock wore off and reality finally hit. He lived 78 years and I miss him every day. I was lucky enough to have him in my life for 31 years! And I’m trying to get my life together so that I will see him again one day!
    Just remember to take every emotion like the days….as they come.
    Prayers for you and your family continue! 💓

  3. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    I believe you have been prepared, to carry your daddy’s legacy of grace. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly at your daddy’s service. The Holy Spirit was so present on you while you spoke.

  4. Maria
    Maria says:

    Ruth you are in my prayer and so is your family. I was really moved by your testimonial at your father’s memorial. I watched it all and every detail was wonderfull and heartfelt, but your testimony humbled me, because you could have choosen anything else, let you chose a tough memory that I am sured had an impact on many. Who knows, maybe many people got encourage to go back to God’s path. May God blessed you all.

  5. Suzi Virgilio
    Suzi Virgilio says:

    Ruth, Thank you for your beautiful story at your father’s funeral. It definitely touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. You are so special, not only to your family but to God. Thank you for being “you”.

  6. gwen
    gwen says:

    Hi Miss Ruth,
    Your words about your Daddy still ring in my ears..you preached in 3 minutes what multitudes have waited a lifetime to hear. A Daddy who wants us home in His arms. Have been praying for you to have increased physical strength…I remember the weeks of “shock zone” after my husband passed very suddenly. Get your rest…you need it.
    Father, please also restore her daughter’s home quickly and Your favor surrounding them with all the details of insurance, repair and all those things. Love you Miss Ruth


    Your comments and those of your siblings were powerful enough to save the entire listening world. I am sure a great portion of the world was listening through the Internet and TV. I was so moved by your testimony that i searched YouTube for every message or interview with you that I could find. I then combined them into a playlist and i just continuously listen to all the messages night and day. I am just a few months older than you and so much of what you said related to my life situation. I appreciate your transparency and your honesty. It has helped me and I am sure millions of christians and non-christians have all been tremendously helped by your testimony.. I had been “led” to listen to playlists of your father’s messages and tv specials just a few months before he passed. I had the feeling he might transition into heaven soon and the Presence of God is so evident on ALL the messages, the movies, the tv specials etc. Rev. Billy Graham is STILL winning souls and he is in heaven…!!!…What a testimony. I am impressed and challenged by his absolute kindness , his graciousness, his non-judgemental attitude towards everyone, his humility, and his faithfulness to the gospel message. . Those qualities were so evident in his life. He was so much like Jesus. What an example to all of us. Thank you again for your faithfulness to the Lord.


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