Robots, God, and Me

I think I’ve told you the I no longer have TV. I can get Netflix but I can’t get regular programming. Oh, I suppose there is a way but I just don’t want that noise in my home. I guess I’ll miss the Olympics – which will sadden me – but it’s a small price to pay. I don’t like being “ramped” up by the television news or programming. For me, it does not honor God or create a godly atmosphere in my home.

However, less you think I am becoming an ignoramus, I do keep up with news on-line. It’s just a different way of getting the news. And I can pick and choose what I want to consume. Not a bad thing.

The Grammys were held this weekend. I didn’t watch but I did read some reports. It sounded and, from the pictures, looked, like a zoo. The clothes, or lack thereof, their verbiage, their opinions are just not important. They think they are very relevant. But it is the blind leading the blind. They choose not to see truth. They are talented but do not acknowledge where their talent came from. They have voices but won’t acknowledge where their very breath comes from.

The reports about robots and the amazing things they do, I find interesting. It started some years ago (or maybe before) with the scanners at the grocery store check out. We are being programmed to accept non-human interaction. I read somewhere that you can now have sex with a robot – touted for “disease proof”. Robots do not breathe. They have no life in them – they are programmed. I don’t care how life-like they get, only God can create life. We are trying to play God. It will never work. He will have the last word.

The Bible says, “He who sits in the heavens laughs.” He laughs at our willful rebellion. And His heart breaks. He loves us so much but we turn our backs on Him and each other. His arms are open wide for us to come to Him and acknowledge Him as the one true God.


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