Progressive Christianity

Just like everything else, progressive-ism has come to Christianity.

Let me give you some bullet points about what they teach:

The Bible is not the authoritative Word of God
There is no such thing as Original Sin – man is basically good
Adam and Eve are an allegory
There are no miracles such as the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection
Evolution is science
Jesus was not divine and is not to be worshipped
Christ is a universal energy that was present at the Big Bang
Christ is good energy working through all things
Jesus came to show us a better way – to love, not save us from our sins
Jesus isn’t the only way
Jesus’ atonement was cosmic child abuse
God is an abuser and blood-thirsty
The blood atonement is rejected
Love is greater than justice
Since God is love He can overlook sin
Hell is here on earth
They emphasize personal belief: feelings over facts
Essential doctrines can be redefined
Historic terms are redefined
The historic terms are redefined
The Gospel shifts from sin to social justice
The focus is on us not God.

Some of that I fear to even type. It is blasphemous. I do not believe any of it. It grieves me that so many people are buying into this. They are making God in their own image.

But that is what is taking over our churches our young people. How do we, as Christ-followers counter that?

By living a life of compassion and authenticity. Walk the walk.

It’s Easter time. What a glorious truth is the Resurrection of Jesus. Defeating sin and death. Though Him we have new life and the hope of the resurrection and a home in Heaven. It will be glorious.

The “progressives” can’t alter the fact of His bodily resurrection and the joy of new birth in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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