I told you I was having surgery for hydrocephalus – I did. Not pleasant but it’s like a miracle. I no longer walk side to side like I’m drunk. I no longer fall dawn. I no longer drag my feet or have to crawl up the stairs. I walk with strength and confidence.

It’s amazing and I am so very grateful. I can look forward to doing things with my family – not being on a bench watching. I will be able to travel freely. I have a new lease on life! How long I have been struggling with this! It’s been 4 years since the symptoms appeared and I began to see a number of fine doctors.

Along the way I felt like the woman in the Bible who suffered many things at the hands of many physicians. I spent a lot of money trying to find out what was wrong but finally was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, had the surgery a week ago and now feel ever so much better. Yes. There is healing time and a “re-learning” of certain routines but it is 1000% better and I am so relieved – not to mention grateful.

Thank you for your prayers and concerns.

I must tell you of one sweet thing the Lord did for me while I was in the hospital.

I wanted a private room but with all else on my mind, I did not think to pray for one. I guess I sort of just expected one. Well when I got back from the OR – after waiting 4 hours in the recovery room – I realized I was in a double room. At that point I didn’t really care. My “roommate” was an older lady who seemed to be hard of hearing. Everything was loud: conversations, the TV, the doctors, her family…everything.

As you know, I live alone with a cat. Everything is very quiet! How was I ever going to rest…

I tried to settle in and when things seemed to quiet down, a smiling face peeked around the curtain. I was surprised and wondered what it could be about. He introduced himself as the son of the lady in the next bed and asked if he could pray for me. I was surprised but readily agreed to have him pray. He explained that the Lord prompted him to pray for me because I “needed encouragement.”

I couldn’t thank him adequately because my heart was full of emotion. I was deeply touched. God saw my need and sent this young man, a stranger, to touch my life at a point of need. A young man whose presence I would not have had if I were in a private room. God knew my need so much better than I did. That’s the kind of God we have!

Before his mother was discharged I tried to thank him again, but, again, was too emotional. I pray he got the message in spite of my inadequacy.

How grateful I am that this young man obeyed the prompting of the Lord to touch and encourage my life. God is so good, so faithful, so gracious, so kind… I am humbled and grateful.

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  1. Eddie and Keela
    Eddie and Keela says:

    This is a wonderful example of God’s ever present Spirit.
    God knows before we ask what is best for each of us.
    Ruth, sometimes we think that we know what is best during and after surgery. God hears what we ask for. However, He sends the gift that we really need. Looking down, He uses this time to demonstrate His wonderful love and kindness, in sending what we really need or putting us with others, who hear and respond to His direction.
    Your narration of your hospital stay is so clear and vivid that one feels that they are experiencing the same emotions that you must have been feeling.
    In His name, God is working within your life to enrich His kingdom and the everyday lives of others – temporary visitors of this earthly kingdom.
    Continuing to pray for you a total recovery, in Jesus’ name!
    Eddie and Keela

  2. Doug
    Doug says:

    Your humility is so refreshing. You’re so open to Gods hand in your life and His influence on others on your behalf.

    I’m so glad the surgery has helped so you may continue on to inspire the rest of us.

  3. Diane McCauley
    Diane McCauley says:


    I am very happy to hear that your surgery was a success. Everything good comes from God. So happy to hear of the gentlemen who took the time to pray with you. This is a good example of how being obedient to the holy spirit’s prompting in our lives can bless those around us. I will continue to pray for you in the day’s ahead!

    Many blessings,

  4. Margaret Anne Lindstrom
    Margaret Anne Lindstrom says:

    What a precious Heavenly Father we have! I’m so glad He walks with you and you are such a faithful witness for him.
    Margaret Anne

    • Maxine
      Maxine says:

      Dear Ruth ,
      I am so glad you’re feeling better. You are such a wonderful inspiration to me. Thank you for being so transparent, I thought I was the only one. I heard you speak just once on TV and have never forgotten the hope that I received from you. I am endeavoring to have a ministry to women. I’d like to share what I’ve learned from the journey through Christ in hope of helping another women not to give up but to pursue Christ and her dreams. Thank you Ruth for being that woman towards me.
      Most Sincerely
      Maxine Lawrence Portland Oregon

      • Ruth Graham
        Ruth Graham says:

        Dear Maxine,

        Thank you for your encouraging words.

        I will pray for your outreach to other women. We are better qualified to minister to others when we have walked through some of life’s challenges. I know you will be a blessing.

        God bless you.

        Ruth Graham

  5. Jeanne M.Grier
    Jeanne M.Grier says:

    Ms. Graham, I checked back for a later post, but I am so glad the Lord took you through the surgery and your recovery is going well. I know several prayer groups were holding you up before the Lord and I believe your ministry will be stronger than ever. I’ve listened to several of your messages on YouTube.repeatedly over the past four or five months. I had the opportunity to apply the Word I received in a very critical and longstanding (and very painful) family situation. My feelings rebelled but I acted on the Word and went beyond what the other individuals in the situation expected. (actually beyond what I expected but I believe God inspired me in everything) and…surprisingly my feelings changed and the longstanding offense and resentment left. I never thought I’d feel this way…ever. The other family members responded with joy and thankfulness. Thank you for your consistent Word centered teaching.


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