I’m Back! With Pictures!

I’m back!

It was a busy summer and much has happened. Uppermost in my heart and mind is my sister, Anne’s diagnosis of breast cancer. She has a virulent form and they will attack it aggressively. I hate it for her. She has a great attitude and goes into this physically strong – she has taken good care of herself. I know she wants God to be glorified through out the process. (I have a lovely photo of the 2 of us at our Father’s 90 birthday party but I had to scan it to my computer and it won’t go into this blog! AHRRRUGH!)

This summer I have been working with my surgeon to get the correct balance of fluid in my brain. Not an easy process with some difficult side effects – as you can see – a “face plant”! But he is patient and I am wild about him and his staff. They treat me beautifully. Last time I went down to Richmond for the adjustment is was just before the hurricane…lots of rain and wind predicted. I mentioned my concern about driving since I had relatively bald tires, to a sweet friend in church and she volunteered to take me. So dear of her to spend her whole morning hauling me down and back. I am grateful for such special friends.


IMG_1953Family spent some time trying to clear out my Father’s home. We had a good time together and when one of us would get teary, the others would cheer them up. So hard to see it “moth-eaten”. Not like my Mother had it at all. Sad. But we all go through the same thing when our parents die.










My children and their families all spent a week together – and me – at our favorite beach. Such chaos! Such fun. A photo of them all except one who was upstairs watching TV and missed the photo call – we got it later. We has our Bible Museum t-shirts on


We had gone up there to see the display honoring my Father. So grateful to the Green family for what they have put in the center of DC. It honors God and the Bible. An amazing collection of artifacts!


Museum of the Bible display 







We got together with family – all the cousins enjoyed each other. The grown cousins and the little cousins. Such fun!




I saw a special friend — I always try to see her on the way back from the beach. Special lady — Jane Bateman and fabulous speaker. I love her








Then I had occasion to go to Maine for a prayer event for the Persecuted Church and got to see my dear college roommate. We’ve been close for many years.

IMG_2135 (1)



Well, that’s probably all you need to know for now! But there is more to tell!


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