Finding peace in a chaotic world

I am borrowing this from my friends at Mission India who sent this to me in a letter:

God’s Word tells us how to find rest in an increasingly chaotic word where wrong is right and right is wrong. Everything is upside down and inside out. Evil is applauded. So how do we find the peace that Jesus promised?


1. Remember God is present – always.

He told us He will never leave or forsake us. (Hebrew 13:5) He told us He is near to us. (Psalm 119:152) He told us not to fear.

2. Take thoughts captive.

We can’t help the thoughts that pop into our minds but we don’t have to entertain them. When they come, and we begin to fear what may or may not happen, we can lasso our thoughts and bring them to Jesus. (II Corinthians 2:5)

3. Be a catalyst for good.

When David was writing Psalm 37 he wrote the phrase, “fear not” 3 times. It must be pretty important. His antidote for fear and unhappiness, was not worry, or strategize, but to “do good.” Psalm 37:3, 27,Get busy thinking about the needs of others.

4. Know you have a purpose at this time in history.

Serving others, being busy with God’s work is your purpose – not wringing you hands or fretting. No one else can do what you can do for God. You are unique. Seek ways to serve Him when you become anxious.


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