Eyes That Wait

My new book manuscript is in! Praise the Lord! It’s like delivering a baby. Now the doctors (editors) say “Isn’t it nice. But let’s take off this toe and this finger and rearrange this arm.” The editing process is grueling.

However, the Word of the Lord is eternal and true.

Psalm 123:2 talks about us waiting on the Lord like a servant’s eyes are on the master watching how they might serve. But it says a curious thing “our eyes wait upon the Lord our God until he has mercy on us…” (KJV) How do our eyes wait? The Amplified version says, “our eyes look unto the Lord.” That is probably more of the meaning.

The Message puts it this way: “We’re watching and waiting, holding our breath, awaiting your word of mercy.”

While those translations are true and help us understand I began to think about my eyes waiting…

Eyes are a reflection of a soul – a window to the soul. I was recently in the store and I went up to one of my favorite associates. She was her cheerful self but her eyes were sad. I told her she looked sad and she began to cry. Yes. Eyes tell us quite a bit. They can tell when we are tired. Angry. Puzzled.

When we are frantic our eyes can be rather jumpy, not able to focus on any one thing – just going from one thing to the next.

To get our eyes to wait we have to settle. We have to focus. This scripture tells us to have our eyes wait on the Lord. Carefully, watching. Focus on Him!

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