Coffee & Kindness

How far does a spilled cup of coffee go? A looong way! I was making my coffee this morning, as I always do. I make it with a French press, letting it steep for four minutes, and then have frothed milk with it. It had steeped and I poured it into my pre-heated mug but something happened and it tipped over. Oh my word! What a mess.

I had spilled coffee in my oven, in my cabinets, on the counter and the floor. I had it in crevices, behind and under my counter appliances…on and on it went.. At least I like the smell of coffee! And nothing was ruined. I made another cup and sat down with my Bible to have some time with the Lord.

But it made me think about kindness. A little bit goes a long way. There seems to be so little of it these days so it is even more important and more noticeable than ever. With us all wearing masks, it is hard to see a gentle smile or hear a “thank you”. So we have to make a greater effort.

The world needs kindness right now. Our country needs kindness. My town. My family. We all need a little bit of kindness.

It grieves me when I go to the grocery to hear mothers berating their children, belittling them for just being children. Or a husband being rude to his wife. Or vice versa. It doesn’t take much to be kind.

Hold the door for another who is behind you. Help someone across the parking lot. I have noticed how so many older folks hobble or limp into the store revealing they are in pain. People carry burdens we know nothing about. Isn’t it nice to think we can add some sunshine to their day? It’s a worn out phrase but, “What would Jesus do?”

Proverbs 19:22 says, “What is desirable in a man is his kindness..” People say, cleanliness is next to godliness.” I’m not sure who came up with that but I would say, “Kindness is next to godliness.” The Bible tells us that God’s, “lovingkindness is great toward us.” We have been recipients of God’s great lovingkindness…

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