God Interrupts

This summer I had the opportunity to listen to Tim Keller’s sermon series on the fruit of the Spirit. When he taught on love he said that so often our motivation isn’t because we love but because we want to look good to others. If I take a casserole to my neighbor, is it out of love for her or to make myself look good? That sort of idea.

I have been struggling with trying to manage a bad situation God’s way. I have placed myself under some Christian leaders who have prayed for me and walked the path with me. Dear men. But the situation is not getting resolved and I am frustrated. This morning I was taking my walk and talking to God. As I had told these men, I told God that I really wanted to do things His way.

God’s Spirit interrupted me! He let me know that wasn’t true. He showed me that I was saying I wanted to do things God’s way to make myself look good. So that these men would think I am more godly than I actually am! (Now they may read this blog and find out what I am really like!)

When God’s Spirit tells you that – you don’t argue. I confessed that He was right and asked for forgiveness.

There are several situations in my life right now that I wish God would just get settled. But He is teaching me and I know that even in my frustration, He has a much better plan than I do. He sees my tomorrow. He knows my needs. He will take care of me. He will guide me. And interrupt my prayers if need be!

God is so good. I know I can trust Him – sometimes it is hard for me to put that into practice. It’s hard to wait in the dark but that is really what life is all about. I once heard someone say that this life is the only opportunity we have to trust Him in the dark. Once we get to heaven we won’t need to trust – just adore.