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Freedom of Forgiveness




A God Who Forgives



Ruth on Life Today November 11 and 13!

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Below is a sneak peek, as well as a bonus interview segment with Randy Robison.

Wednesday, November 13

Ruth Graham: Be Honest With God

The author of “Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself” insists that God can handle our emotions as we come to Him for forgiveness.



Ruth Graham: Forgiving My Father
The daughter of Billy Graham explains how her freedom came through forgiveness, which included forgiving her famous father.


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Ruth on TODAY in Nashville!

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Forgiveness is Unfair!

I recently published a book on forgiveness. Not that I am an expert – I am an apprentice. I am one who has struggled long and hard with this idea of forgiveness. I have had to forgive others for the pain they caused me. I’ve had to ask forgiveness from those I wounded. It’s been a journey.

And I have read volumes on the subject. I wanted to know what worked, what didn’t. I wanted to know what was biblical and what wasn’t. I wanted to have someone share their journey – honestly and transparently. I couldn’t find such a book. So I wrote it!

We often think of forgiveness as a way to get healthy emotionally. Or a way of letting something go. Or a gift we give ourselves. I believe there are elements of all of those but it is so much more.

I had a rather shallow understanding of forgiveness until I visited death row at Angola Prison in Louisiana some years ago. A prisoner’s experience made me go,”Wow!” and begin to rethink my understanding.

Forgiveness in is unfair and costly. Ask Jesus how unfair it is and just how much it cost. And I have learned forgiveness is a process – a life-long process.

It was a beautiful picture in Dallas recently of Brandt Jean, brother of Botham, killed by Amber Guyger, giving Amber a hug and saying he forgave her for killing his brother. Oh! That we all could do that.

However, I think that in the weeks and months to come Botham will experience an emotional rollercoaster of anger, pain, resentment. He will wonder if he truly forgave. He did! He made the decision to forgive and that decision was the doorway for the Holy Spirit to inhabit that decision so it will be effectual. Emotions don’t tell the truth. Only God’s word is sufficient for truth. Trust it. As I am sure Botham does and will.


Watch Ruth on Good Morning Texas!

Ruth was on Good Morning Texas this morning to talk about Forgiving my Father, Forgiving Myself.” Click this link to watch the segment.


Ruth interviewed by Sheila Walsh of Life Today

Ruth was on the set of Life Today yesterday for a special interview with Sheila Walsh. Watch for on air dates to see the full interview. We’ll post dates and times soon!


Ruth to appear on Life Today with James & Betty Robison

Ruth is am looking forward to taping on Life Today and, if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can join her! Come be a part of the live studio audience Oct. 1 @ 7 PM.  She’d love to see you there!  For reservations, click here:

Storms Are Not Political

Dorian has ravaged the Bahamas and continues the agonizingly slow march up the Eastern seaboard. It seems the news programs can report on little else. The news that has consumed them for months has taken a back seat – swept from the headlines. That suits me. Perhaps we can focus more on more important issues than politics. Like thinking about how we can come together to help others. Think beyond our selves to help the suffering.

Storms are not political. They hit Republicans and Democrats. Independents and Socialists. The Left and the Right.

And haven’t you seen that in your life? A storm may have swept in unbidden. Maybe you were not warned ahead of time or if you were, you still were taken aback. A life-changing diagnosis. A betrayal that took your breath away. A job loss that has undermined you financially. You feel insecure. Inadequate to face the trial God has allowed to rock your world.

We all feel that way at times. It is not to be underestimated or brushed aside or covered over with w Bible verse.

I think it is good to feel the pain. Let it rock your world. Let it knock the breath out of you. All of that is normal and human. I will caution you not to stay in those places. You may revisit them but don’t pitch a tent and set up camp. You will feel bitterness. That’s normal, too. But you cannot nurture it, feed it and coddle it. The Bible say, “See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled…”

Staying in bitterness (letting the roots go down into the soil of our spirit) causes us to fall short of God’s grace. How gracious He has been to us – giving His own Son to die in our place, cleansing us from sin and then giving us new life in him. Why would we want to fall short of that? If we have been given such generous grace, we want to extend that to others.

We may not want to extend grace to one who has wounded us deeply. We may even be angry with God because of the disease that is ravaging you or someone you love. God can handle your anger. He would draw you closer to Him in His love. But extending grace is evidence of God’s work in your life. Maybe you can’t do it immediately, I’m not suggesting that we can. It takes time but make it your goal to be gracious and kind.

So often when I am struggling with a relationship that just sets my teeth on edge I remind myself of Paul’s instruction in Ephesians 4, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.” Peter and Paul had a huge, public disagreement that nearly tore the early Church apart. I believe this is how they settled it. I believe Paul had to “work out his own salvation with fear and trembling” as he dealt with Peter and he had to learn to be kind, and tenderhearted and forgiving towards Peter. And Peter had to do likewise. This is the example they say for us. And the instruction for us.

So when storms hit you like a huge tidal wave, reach for the safety of God’s gracious arms.



My family is at the beach – a week we anticipate all year long!

My youngest daughter could only be here 2 days because of the children’s school. My son came a 4 days but had to get back to work. My eldest will leave tomorrow because she is training for a marathon and has to get back to do a “big” run. I’ll close the house up on Saturday and drive home.

And we will anticipate next year!

It is fun to be together. Lots of laughter and teasing. And time to talk – something we don’t often have in our busy schedules.

As is my practice, I get up each morning to walk the beach. I listen to praise music as I do. It’s thrilling to listen to Damaris Carbaugh sing In the Presence of Jehovah as the sun comes up on the horizon! Such glory! I do feel as if I am in His presence. (Of course I always am but at the beach listing to that song makes it so real.)

This year there aren’t many shells on the beach -I’m a big shell collector. Most this year are small, common and broken. Just like me! And I have noticed that at certain spots on the beach there are more shells. It must be some sort of Ocean Reef beyond the shore at that particular spot that spits them out.

Individually, they just sit in the sand alone. But when are washed up in an area where there are more shells – as a group – there is a beauty collectively as the water washes over them.

To me, that speaks of community. How we are much better in community than by ourselves. especially as the Holy Spirit washes over us! There is beauty when the family of God comes together. One day we will all gather on that distant shore and reflect Jehovah’s glory and presence.

But why wait ’til then. I want to reflect Him now where God has placed me in community.